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Recreation: Models: Scale is a group dedicated to scale model building, of all sorts. This includes scale models, model railroading, and any other scale models built for recreational or entertainment value.- Category ID : 87760
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Red Cross Model Cars

Collection of 1:87 scale ambulances, trucks such as Red Cross, catastrophe protection and the medical service of the German army.
2 -

Donald Smith Model Makers

Specialists in scale models, scale modeling, industrial models, industrial modeling, modelmaking and detailed models.
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Forums, articles, news, and a large gallery of images about aircraft, armor, figure, and ship builders.
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Nick Proach Models - Aerospace and Aircraft Scale Models

Custom built replica space models, built to scale, of anything that has flown or will fly in space - plus many aircraft.
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Middle Tennessee Model Parts and Salvage

Model parts and discontinued kits. Light and heavy commercial trucks, pick-up trucks, and SUVs.
6 -

Mike Mini Shop

Photos of a professional model builders work.
7 -

Kriegsmarine Photo Archive

An online photo reference for ships weapons and men of the Kriegsmarine (German Navy in WW2). Many detail photos for scale model ship builders.
8 -

Scale Models

Discussion forum about general subjects, science-fiction, cars, planes, and military models.
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eScale Models

Discussion forum about modeling, tips and tricks, news, cars, tanks and airplanes.
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Evan Jones Scale Models

Detail reviews and pictures gallery of cars, motorcycles, and science fiction kits.
11 -


Gallery of Gundam, anime, and military aircraft and tanks.
12 -

Scale Model World

Reviews, articles and forum about science fiction, military and figures.
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Scale model - Wikipedia

Article about the scale modeling hobby.
14 -

Tanks & Trolls

Collection of thanks, minis and science fiction kits such as elves, dwarfs, colonial marines, Aliens, and Predators.
15 -

Nick Wright model maker

Featuring railways scenery and science fiction dioramas and spaceships.
16 -

IDF Modelling

Modelling site dedicated to the vehicles and aircrafts used by the Israel Defense Forces.

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