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Groups promoting the making and usage of knives and furthering the distribution of knife related information. Groups should be open to new members to join.- Category ID : 87491
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The American Bladesmith Society

Dedicated to teaching and promotion of the forged blade. Operates bladesmithing schools, lists trade shows.
2 -

The American Knife and Tool Institute

Promotes public awareness, monitors legislation and encourages responsible law enforcement.
3 -

M9 Bayonet Collectors Club

Discuss history, manufacturers, and versions of M9 bayonets. Photo posting, events calendars.
4 -

The Knife Makers Guild

Professional association. Member list, coming shows, forums.
5 -

Montana Knife Makers Association

A non-profit educational organization to further the art of knifemaking.
6 -

Australian Knife Club

Knife design and construction, shapes, profiles, steels, handle materials and engineering practice. Melbourne, Australia.
7 -

Australian Knifemakers Guild

Dedicated to the advancement of the craft of handmade knives. Greensborough, VIC.
8 -

Southern California Blades Knife Collectors Club

Group for enthusiasts and custom makers. Offers classifieds, sponsors annual Knife Expo, includes information on meetings, and dates of shows.
9 -

Antique Bowie Knife Association

American group for people over 21, by invitation.
10 -

Custom Knife Collectors Association

To recognize and promote the artistic significance of handmade knives in the 21st century,
11 -

North Carolina Custom Knifemakers Guild

To promote the craft of custom knifemaking.
12 -

North West Knife Collectors Association

An organization that unites persons with like interests in the field of knives to gather together for the purpose of exchanging ideas and fellowship.
13 -

Oregon Knife Collectors Association

Listing of events and information for collectors.
14 -

Texas Knifemakers Guild

To bring knifemakers together and promote the art.
15 -

Flint River Knife Club

Knife collectors and exhibitors. Georgia.
16 -

Kansas Custom Knifemakers Association

A group for handmade knifemakers and the art.
17 -

Knife Group Association of Oklahoma

Member list and links of interest for knife collectors.
18 -

Knifemakers Guild of Southern Africa

Calendar of events and resources for members.
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