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Wordplay Websites

Anagrams, word trivia, puns, ambigrams, and palindromes to name a few. Often humorous but may also satisfy obsessive-compulsive cravings.- Category ID : 87455
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The Word Spy

Explains new words and phrases with new entries added regularly, plus archives of previous entries.
2 -

Scorpio Tales

Collection of anagrams, pangrams, eponyms, heteronyms, contronyms, homophones and mangled English.
3 -

Lost in Translation

See what happens when an English phrase is translated by computer back and forth between 5 different languages. Confusion results.
4 -

Piece of Pi MadLibs

Site featuring a collection of madlibs.
5 -


Includes wordplay and oddities, mathematica, theologica, computica, scientifica, and other humour.
6 -

The Mother of All Excuses Place

Over 900 excuses to not go to work or school, police and accidents, breaking dates, doctor, missing church, diet, and taxes.
7 -

Dedicated to oddities of the English language plus various types of wordplay.
8 -

Stink Pink

Questions have answers with two rhyming words.
9 -

Text Messages

A collection of symbolic "smiley" messages.
10 -

Fun With Words

Heteronyms, contronyms, eponyms, word/letter frequencies and other trivia.
11 -

Gadzillion Things to Think About

10,000+ rhetorical questions. Accepts submissions.
12 -

Humorous new words and phrases created to define various important and unimportant concepts.
13 -

Dislexicon Word Generator

Contains Dislexicon, which generates new made-up words and definitions for them.
14 -


A repository of newfangled words with mangled or meandering meanings created by wordpeckers.
15 -

Unscramble, find, rhyme or define various words online.
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Offers collections of word play, insults, riddles and jokes.
17 -

Loquacious Lipograms

Information and links on lipograms, works of fiction that omit a single letter.
18 -

Faulkner or Machine Translation?

A quiz to determine whether literary passages are the Faulkner originals or ones machine-translated from German into English.
19 -

Word Skit

Linguistic contortions, weird and wonderful words, plus quotations.
20 -

A collection of amusing, interesting, strange, and occasionally rude names from the phone book.
21 - Tom Swifties

Definition of this style of play on words, a collection of original and previously-known examples, and links to other collections.
22 -

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia

Includes book of word records, palindromic words, pangrams, most beautiful and ugly words, Scrabble words, and Bible word trivia.
23 -


Created specifically for Scrabble players, a downloadable English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows.

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