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Basically, pages with no purpose other than to be funny, odd, strange or stupid.- Category ID : 87442
1 -

Become A

Visitors can turn themselves into gnomes, and back again.
2 -

FOUND magazine

Photographs of found objects. Images and RealAudio samples, and they accept actual found objects by mail.
3 -

How To Keep An Idiot Busy

Timewasting exercise using a computer mouse.
4 -

All Too Flat

Geeky humor, backwards Google searches, the Bible According to Cheese, help with pet names and an advice column from a halibut.
5 -

Brampton Bugle

Spoof newspaper website, covering a number of surreal topics, a fake advice column and bizarre advertisements.
6 -

Altering Time

A blend of geeky and technical humor, reviews of useless sites, news commentary and multimedia.
7 -

Learn to Count to Ten

Using both Arabic numerals and human digits.
8 -

Procrastination aids, bad pickup lines, taco humor and chipmunks.
9 -

A list of oxymorons and humorous questions to ponder.
10 -


Original humor to amuse your inner hamster.
11 -

Pointless Site

Featuring both possible and impossible mazes, and a collection of dead and blank links.
12 -

Surreel Toon Supply Company

Cartoon supply company provides online searchable knowledge base and trouble ticket system for customers. Humorous technical support issues are posted for your amusement.
13 -

Freaking Kids

Shows a personal hate of many things in this world, headlining the hate of children and their behavior.
14 -

The Stupid Pastimes on the Web Site

Includes Build Your Own Cow, the Incredible Bouncing E-mail and the Cleanest Page on the Web.
15 -

The Brink of Insanity

Various topics including Duct Tape Man, Sockweb, a horrorscope and poetry. Features a challenging navigation system.
16 -


Information about this powerful superhero, his heroic deeds and his inventions.
17 -


The adventures of a little green frog with a big personality.
18 -

Giant Lava Lamp

A small town in Washington is trying to build a lava lamp. Request for help, and computer simulated pictures of what the lamp might look like.
19 -

VCR Clock Error

A cross between a server error and a misconfigured VCR.
20 -

The Longest Domain

Demonstrating a 67 character domain name.
21 -

Number Of The Moment

Visitors can find their Karmic number and have its significance explained.
22 -

Disjointed concepts and unsettling humor.
23 -

Blue Duck With Fangs

A semi-vampiric waterfowl.
24 -

Pick The Worst

Visitors can choose the worst option out of several bad scenarios.
25 -

The Pointless Dot Com

Providing readers with as little meaningful content as possible.
26 -


Surreal comic strip with political leanings.
27 -

Watching Paint Dry

A real-time webcam view of this exciting spectator activity, plus other equally interesting subjects.
28 -

Shotgun Rules

Detailed guidance on how to call shotgun before riding in a vehicle.

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