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This category is for sites that consist of purely Joke Collections, that have multiple categories.- Category ID : 87355
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Lightbulb Jokes

Hundreds of light bulb jokes and light bulb related humor.
2 -

Hundred of jokes about a wide range of topics including school, animals, and boys and girls.
3 -

Wocka Jokes

A collection of user submitted and user ranked jokes, arranged by category.
4 -

Jokes sorted by category and rated by visitors.
5 -


Categorised quips, jokes and humorous saying suitable for sending by SMS text.
6 -

Collection of jokes, humorous pictures, Flash games and a daily mailing list.
8 -

Funny Forwards

Includes funny forwards, jokes and other humor.
9 -

Notable Quotables

Features jokes from several late night talk shows, including The Tonight Show and Late Night.
10 -

Features clean jokes, dirty jokes, and allows you to e-mail a joke to your friends.
11 -

101 Fun Jokes

Jokes arranged by category, plus the latest arrivals.
12 -

Includes Yo Mama, blonde, animal, marriage, and Little Johnny.
13 -

Average Joe Shmoe

Provides jokes, humor and free games.
14 -

A-Z Jokes

A collection of jokes by alphabetized categories.
15 -

All The Jokes

A large number of jokes arranged into categories, with a searchable database. Users can vote on each joke.
16 -

Adult Joke Rating Machine

Visitor-rated and categorised jokes on a variety of topics.
17 -


Database of jokes including a voting system and multiple search options. Also features funny tests, humorous definitions, and magic.
18 -


Jokes rated by visitors to the site.
19 -

You Think Jokes

Displays individual jokes and allows users to vote on them. Also features top-rated jokes and accepts joke submissions.
20 -

Includes jokes about blondes, lawyers, funny lists, and bumper stickers.
21 -

007 Jokes

Blonde, redneck, lawyer and gender jokes. Also offers a weekly newsletter.
22 -

Wombatcreek Joke Pages

Text-based jokes designed for fast downloading and copying into email.
23 -

Whimsical Wits

Jokes, puns, one-liners, quotes, Jewish humor, limericks plus a mailing list.
24 -

One Fun Site

Funny pictures and jokes, updated daily. Also includes cartoons, greetings and funny animal humor.
25 -

Oz Jokes

Collection of jokes, true stories, and funny pictures.
26 -


Contains collection of jokes organized by type including blonde, sports and annoying.
27 -

My Collection of Jokes

A collection of many types of jokes.
28 -


A humour portal with thousands of jokes and other articles, news, literature, and humor links.
29 -


Includes jokes, cartoons and other funny stuff in a searchable database.
30 -

Cyberslayer Jokes

A large archive of email jokes from the 1990s.
31 -

A Collection of Jokes

Around three hundred jokes accessed via a Java applet.
32 -

The Joke Box

Database of user-submitted jokes, sorted by category and rated for quality.
33 -

Jokes Factory

Collection of jokes.
34 -

The Joke Yard

A collection of clean and not-so-clean jokes.
35 -

Database of jokes in many categories plus a humor mailing list.
36 -

Jester 2.0

A collaborative filtering system for recommending jokes.
37 -

Joke and Fun

Collection of jokes arranged by category.
38 -

Jokes For Free

Jokes, funny pictures and a mailing list. Run by a professional comedian.
39 -


Large collection of categorised humor.
40 -

Jokes Database

A large archive of jokes in 30 categories.
41 -

The Joke Archives

Humor collection with over a thousand categorized jokes.
42 -


Library of jokes, arrange by category.
43 -

The Joke Jukebox

Collection of categorized jokes with rating system.
44 -


Collected text jokes, plus Flash games and a web log.
45 -


Jokes, news, forums, movie reviews and links.
46 -

Surfer Sam

Jokes, humor, words of wisdom, quotations and fun.
47 - Jokes.

A collection of jokes concentrating on politics, society and business.
48 -

Senior Citizen Humor

Laughter is the best medicine. A collection of Over-the-hill, Old Age and Senior Citizen Jokes, Cartoons and Funny Photos.
49 -

Categorised selection of jokes, also accepts submissions from visitors.
50 -

Lots of Jokes

Has both clean and dirty jokes in hundreds of categories, plus a chat room and discussion forum.
51 -

Laugh Factory

Jokes, one liners, and lists.
52 -

The Dirty Joke

Jokes about men, women, relationships, blondes and Clinton.
53 -

Deep Lake Joks

Collection of jokes, including lists and letters.
54 -

Dirty Joke Rating Machine

A collection of jokes about sex, relationships, politics, lifestyles and religion.
55 -

Perpetrator X

Various categories, including jokes for children and clean humor, plus topics on the workplace, relationships, religion and sport.
56 -

Pun of the Day

Collection of puns submitted and voted for by readers. Arranged by topic and popularity.
57 -


Collection categorized by theme and rated by users.
58 -

A Jokes

Provides directory of joke categories.
59 -


A collection of SMS jokes in India.
60 -

A variety of subjects that allows surfers to give ratings.
61 -


Collection of categorised jokes, one liners, puns, and witty quotes. Updated daily with joke of the day.
62 -

Got Funny Pictures

Collection of funny pictures and videos.
63 -

One Line Fun

One line jokes that can be voted up or down by the reader. Sorted by topic and top rated.
64 -

Internet Joke Database

A large database of user submitted clean and dirty jokes. Features a clean modern layout, a large variety of joke categories, and a search filter.
65 -

Great Clean Jokes

Collection of categorised jokes, videos, cartoons and memes.
66 -

Laugh IT Out

A collection of funny jokes, pictures and quotes. Updated daily.
67 -


Collection of jokes and funny one-liners covering various topics. Offers a joke / speech writing service.
68 -

Funny Stuff

Blog with regular postings of funny videos, pictures and jokes.
69 -

Wasted your time

Collection of jokes, funny videos and other cool stuff updated daily.
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