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Job-Related Websites

Hate your job? Join the club. These people are no longer just muttering under their breath but are letting their frustrations show. Come and watch the fireworks!- Category ID : 87349
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Customers Suck

The reason why those in retail think customers suck, and what you can do to stop it.
2 -

I Should Be Working

Look busy while you slack off and play games or read jokes on this site.
3 -

Not My Desk

Views on the workplace and life from a jobbing temp.
4 -

The Covert Comic

CIA-related humor by a true CIA officer.
5 -

Get a Job

The jobs are real,the classified ads are real, the applications and the responses are all real.
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Business and Safety Cartoons by Ted Goff

Business cartoons searchable by keyword or topic.
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Hate Your Job

An irreverent look at work including rotten managers, subversive staff, and jargon.
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MadKane - Career Humor

Workplace humor from columnist Madeleine Begun Kane.
9 -

The Airline Dispatcher Home Page

Heffernan Dispatch Federation, for the experienced aircraft dispatcher.
10 -

Wal-Mart Cart Crew

Funny stories, information and pictures from the crew from Supercenter 0766.
11 -

Off The Boss Online

How to survive working for a Bonehead Boss.
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Occupational Hazards - Job Jokes

Jokes by profession including doctor, lawyer, dentist, scientist, engineer, and truck driver.
13 -

Life in the Weeds

Humor for waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and other restaurant staff.
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Barber Humor

A collection of quotes and funny sayings relating to the business of cutting hair.
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Architecture Jokes

Jokes about architecture, building and construction. Visitors can rate jokes for quality or submit their own.
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Military Jokes and Humor

Including murphys laws of combat, funny military quotes, and humorous stories from the armed forces.
17 -

At Work and Bored

A selection of work and non-work related humor to stave off boredom, plus a panic button in case the boss visits.
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Jokes about accounting and book-keeping.
19 -

Read, vent or share anonymous work related stories about foolish coworkers and bosses.
20 -

Universal Questionnaire Response Form

A questionnaire to send back to people who send out questionnaires.
21 -

The 213 Things Skippy Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The U.S. Army

An offbeat list of forbidden things to do in the military.
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Collection of stupid quotes from customers and clients. Accepts submissions.
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Frustrated At Work

Stories from the front lines of employment, struggling with bosses and coping with coworkers.
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Receptionist Rage

Rantings of a receptionist to let off steam.
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Cartoons, stories and ponderings to do with the workplace. Visitors can share their own stories.
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Overheard in the Office: The Voice of the Cubicle

Fragments that tell a whole story, overheard in offices everywhere.
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Waiter Rant

A waiter shares his stories.
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The Wacky World of Wally World

A journal of all the insane things encountered while working at Wal-Mart.
29 -

The Mother of All Excuses Place

Read or submit excuses for not going to work, school, being stopped by the police, breaking dates, doctor excuses and other topics.
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The Diary of Mad Workers

Complaints of people who work in customer service.
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Free de-motivational posters and desktop wallpaper.

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