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Education Websites

Jokes, gags, funny stories, and parodies about education. This category contains everything related to education and is intended to make you laugh.- Category ID : 87341
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School Jokes

Jokes and humor about schools, teachers, pupils, lessons and school life.
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Ofsted AGHH

Contains jokes, quotes, and cartoons.
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Dack University

Spoof education establishment with links to shopping, athletics, and car racing.
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Education Humor

Excerpts from answers on high-school history exams, worst analogies used in papers, science exams, and science misconceptions.
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Geography Humor

Several different jokes related to geography.
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The Spotted Pear

Online newspaper that contains humor and parodies of all the events at Thomas Jefferson High School.
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Forum to exchange classroom humor and amusing stories related to teaching.
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Funnies for Teachers and Parents

Jokes, stories and anecdotes about the lives of students, parents and teachers.
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The Math Forum: Humor

Various forum threads relating to mathematics containing jokes, anecdotes and stories.
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Oxford Global University

A satirical highly-efficient twenty-first century degree factory.
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Martini University

Spoof site offering a way to drink yourself to a university degree.
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Wrong Answers

A collection of silly answers to common questions.
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Universal Grade Change Form

Students can earn a different mark with this ready made request.
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All Scottish Teachers

A collection of school stories from teachers in Scotland and all over the world
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Ten Minute College

Attend the school of your dreams, and graduate in 10-minutes.
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I Was Absent The Day They Did That

What’s funny about school and learning? Here are articles concerning how we learned A and B, but maybe not C. Fun and a unique trip down the life-long learning lane.
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Facts Collection

A collection of fast, essential and interesting facts for many topics. Random facts and quiz are fun and educational.
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Teach Hub

Provides teacher jokes and education-related humor.
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Provide interesting and educational stories about mythical creatures, gods, titans, angels and demons.
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