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A directory for pepper people; farmers and gardeners, food processors and home cooks. Everything from seeds to sauces.
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Information on collecting, growing, eating, and preserving South American chile peppers.
3 -

The Hot Pepper

Fiery foods discussion board, chatroom and marketplace for chili, peppers, and sauces.
4 -

The Chile Pepper Institute

New Mexico State University site with information on varieties on chili, chili pungency, and links to sauce companies.
5 -

International Society of Hot Sauce Aficionados

Includes list of commercial hot sauces, mailing list, several sauce recipes, and online newsletter.
6 -

The Ring of Fire

Webring including sales of a wide selection of chile seeds, hot foods and related products, recipes, and pepper history.
7 -

Hot Sauce Blog

Weblog of all things pungent and peppery, with humor, photos, and recipes.
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Sawtell Chilli Festival

Site describing the Sawtell Chilli festival and for registrations.
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Wikipedia - Spices

Gives details on the history of spices and information about general usage.
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History of Chilli Peppers

Information on the origin of chilli peppers and other related information.
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Hot Sauce Fever

Hot sauce list including user reviews and ratings. Includes articles on hot peppers and spicy foods.
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Hot sauce, barbecue, and fiery food reviews.
13 -

Scott Roberts

Blog about hot sauce, barbecue, and spicy food.
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Hot Tamale Trail

A Southern Foodways Alliance documentary project. Includes history of the tamale in the region, recipe with photographs, interviews, and news.
15 -

The Firecast

Spicy food, BBQ, and hot sauce podcast show.
16 -

I Love It Spicy!

Blog with spicy food news, videos, reviews, and festivals.
17 -

Chili Pepper Madness

Recipes, pepper types, chili growing information, blog, and news.
18 -

NYC Hot Sauce Expo

Features news, dates, location, schedule, and vendors.
19 -

Eat More Heat

Hot sauce reviews, spicy food news, and original videos about all things spicy.
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The ChileFoundry

UK blog with chilli reviews, news, and recipes.
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Chile Pepper Magazine

Features articles, reviews, and recipes.

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