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Asia Pacific interactive online restaurant reservations for participating restaurants in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo. Offers free membership, ratings, and frequent dining discounts.
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International restaurant and bar guide searchable by location, cuisine, and special features. Includes user submitted reviews and ratings.
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The Sushi World Guide

Guide to Japanese restaurants outside Japan. Includes a glossary of sushi terms, and links to other sushi sites.
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Restaurant guide with worldwide coverage. Features, rankings, reviews and ratings. [Some content requires registration]
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Search for restaurants around the world. Major metropolitan areas only.
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Guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world.
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Appetite Network

Worldwide dining and drinking guide categorized by region. Includes a district guide, historical background and restaurant selections for each city.
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Searchable database of restaurants in Europe, Australia, the USA and southeast Asia.
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Eat Jamaican

A guide to Jamaican restaurants and eateries around the world that includes location, menus, hours of operation and reviews.
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The International Restaurant Guide

Directory of restaurants organized by city. Includes visitor ratings and search function. Currently covers Indonesia, Australia, and selected European countries.
11 -

Nightlife guide to pubs and clubs in a selection of cities around the world. Includes message boards, entertainment and sightseeing guides.
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Searchable restaurant and hotel database for U.S. cities, London, UK, and Paris, France. Includes ratings, reviews, and top ten lists.
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Real time online reservation network for restaurants in major US cities, UK, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
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Russian Food and Dining

Guide to Russian food grocery stores, restaurants, bakeries, and tea rooms worldwide.
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Worldwide directory of Persian-Iranian restaurants.
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Restaurant Meal Prices

Meal prices from the most popular dine in restaurants.
17 -

The Daily Meal

Blog that covers restaurant reviews, recipes, food news, trend reports, and travel guides.
18 -

Dinners From Hell

Features resources for dining-related reviews, blogs, videos and news, as well as restaurant disaster stories, forums, and advice.
19 -

The Fork

A real time restaurants booking platform with a large selection of restaurants all over the world.
20 -

Taco Town

Taco and Mexican food reviews from around the world.
21 -

Salt and Limes

Website that features restaurant reviews, food recipes, and science behind food.
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NJ Food Guide

Unbiased New Jersey food reviews done anonymously by the Jersey Shadow.
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Food Sherpas

A food site designed for the traveler, to review restaurants and foods from around the world.
24 -

Eat Your World

Original guide to regional foods and drinks around the world.
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Happy Groups

A resource for discovering the perfect bar or restaurant to host your next event, party or gathering.
26 -

The Foodie Whisperer

Food-centric blog that covers restaurant reviews and food recipes.
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Catering Meal Prices

Food catering prices and menus from the most popular restaurants.
28 -

World Chocolate Guide

A map-based guide to the best chocolate shops in the world.
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Top Restaurant Prices

Menus and pricing information from the largest restaurant chains.

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