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Cheese Websites

Sites about cheese. Includes sub-categories for sites concerned with making cheese, sites about individual kinds of cheeses, and another for sites specializing in Links and Webrings about cheese.

Also sites about storing and caring for cheeses.

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1 -

Real California Milk

The official site for the California Milk Advisory Board includes dairy and cheesemaker listings and a virtual cheese-making tour.
2 -

American Cheese Society

From the not-for-profit organization which promotes cheeses. General information for all cheese types.
3 -

British Cheese Board

Information on British cheeses, including links to producers and recipes.
4 -

Vermont Cheese Council

Trade organization to advance the production and image of premier cheeses from the state.
5 -

Everything you want to know about cheese. Includes search features.
6 -

Cheese 101

A cheese primer for beginner cooks from the Reluctant Gourmet.
7 -

The Cheeseweb

Information about cheese, cheesemakers, cheese sellers and cheese events around the world.
8 -

Black Diamond

The snack that peels with a twist. Cheestrings product info, games, activities and contests. [Requires Flash.]
9 -

Safe Handling of Cheese

Factsheet from Clemson University: Recommendations for storage and handling of cheese.
10 -

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

Information on varieties of Wisconsin cheese, recipes and videos.
11 -

A Cheese a Day

A blog containing cheese reviews and news.
12 -

Sarah Kaufmann, The Cheese Lady

Includes photographs of her work. Also provides media coverage.
13 -

Forum to discuss different types of cheese (e.g., Rennet Coagulated - Soft Brine Preserved) and cheese-making techniques. Site also features an extensive cheese glossary.
14 -

The Cheese Goddess

Blog about different varieties of cheese, including facts, trivia, and news items about the culinary culture of cheese.
15 -

Cheese Matters

Whether you are a new explorer or a seasoned traveller in the world of cheese, Cheese Matters will show you how to enjoy cheese at its best. Australian site which Includes nutrition information, etiquette, and an "Ask the Foodie" column.
16 -

Serious Eats: Serious Cheese

Information about shopping for and pairing gourmet cheese. Blog updated about every two weeks.
17 -

Moldy Cheese: Is It Unsafe to Eat?

A chart of which cheese types are and are not safe to eat after they go moldy, presented by the Mayo Clinic.
18 -

Switzerland Cheese Marketing Inc.

Cheese photographs and descriptions, recipes, points of sale in Canada, and promotional contests of authentic Switzerland cheese.

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