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Marine Websites

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Marine forecasts including pressure, winds, and waves for France, Europe and World in English and French.
2 -

Oceanweather Inc.

Offers global, regional, and site specific forecasting based upon aggregate wind barb, current and sea surface temperature (SST) data.
3 -

National Data Buoy Center

Offers recent and historical observations recorded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and administered by the National Weather Service of the United States.
4 -

Weather Navigator - World Offshore Observations

Find forecasts based upon station plot maps divided by region. Generated by the Weather Research Center.
5 - - Wind and Forecasts

Offers information on wind and current conditions for US and Canadian waterways.
6 -

Marine Weather @

Provides forecast map of US waters based upon wind speed and mean-sea-level pressure (MSLP) data. Also features links to forecasts for major US ports.
7 -


Weather service designed specifically for nearshore sailors. Provides animated radar, satellite, and wind information.
8 -

Decoded Offshore Weather Data

Features worldwide coverage of buoy data charts. Hosted by Florida State University.
9 -

Tides Winds and Weather

Graphic tide charts and moon phase, marine weather forecast and weather warnings, real-time buoy reports, local weather radar, aerial photos for over 500 locations.
10 - - Marine

Provides sailing forecasts based upon weather and wind. Find satellite and radar imagery, and links.
11 -

Weatherzone - NSW/ACT Marine Weather

Find warnings, wind speed and mean-sea-level pressure (MSLP) data charts, swell conditions, and forecasts for Australian waters.
12 -


Global wind and wave forecasts for around the world. Includes surface winds, wave height and direction, and atmospheric pressure maps.
13 -

WWW Tide/Current Predictor

Generates predictions for harmonic tide and current conditions. Features links to related resources. Hosted by the Department of Biological Sciences, University of South Carolina.
14 - Weather

Find location and shipping forecasts for UK coastal waters. Includes 14 day tide tables.
15 -

Covering Maine to Miami, USA. Provides a search box to enter a zip code, town, tide or body of water in the covered area. Lists tide times, radar and hurricane forecast images alongside a long-range forecast and warnings if relevant.
16 -


Global coastal predictions primarily for water sports enthusiasts. Provides water depth and swell, wind and gust speed and direction and predicted cloud coverage, rain and temperature.
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