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An e-zine is the electronic form of a magazine, delivered via the Internet through the web, by e-mail, as a PDF file, or some other commonly accepted electronic form. It shares many of the characteristics of a paper magazine. It will have a regular publishing schedule: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc. It can accept submissions, which are then approved and edited by an editor or a staff using an agreed upon editorial process. Or it could be produced by a small group of writers. An e-zine will typically publish only a small selection of the work submitted to it, setting a tone for the zine.- Category ID : 83574
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West by Northwest

A progressive journal of rural and urban life, arts and letters, ecology and option from a Northwest perspective. With essays, reviews, photography, poetry, and fiction.
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Looks at life from different angles. Features stories, science, "the fringe", humor, and other creative material.
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Failure Magazine

Interviews, articles, and commentary on the unsuccessful in arts and entertainment, business, history, sports, science and technology.
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Pigdog Journal

Offers news of the weird, gonzo journalism, and various features. Includes an archive.
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Journal of Lutheran Ethics

An online publication dedicated to promoting the awareness of, study of, and conversation about Christian ethics in the Lutheran tradition. Features archive, links to related resources, and information about the Lutheran faith.
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Entropy Gradient Reversals

Essays with an edge. Subscription information, current and back issues.
7 -

Bubble Gun

News, articles, and features on entertainment and pop culture.
8 -


Technology, music, and cultural news and discussion. Includes links and polls.
9 -


Articles, horoscopes, and other features, all about relaxing and chilling out.
10 -

Wit and Wisdom

E-mail list featuring wisdom, inspiration, humor and trivia. An archive of past issues and related links.
11 -


An independent, opinion-based magazine about political, cultural, and social life as it pertains to the global community.
12 -

Kurrent Eventz

Offers articles and commentary on news, politics, music, movies, television, and sports.
13 -

Identity Theory

Features, commentary, reviews, and links on topics including athletics, business, cinema, family, health, science, spirituality and creative writing.
14 -


Fiction and essays on Americana, business, science, education, politics, religion, and sports.
15 -

Digital Media Wire

Devoted to coverage of entertainment, technology and the internet through articles, discussion and links.
16 -

Infrequent Goodness

With fiction, poetry, music reviews, rants, travel writing, and memoirs since 1997.
17 -


This publication focuses on modern culture and the Web. Includes archives and links.
18 -


Articles and notes by a journalist about technology, culture, politics, society, ecology and business.
19 -

The Post Chronicle

Offers breaking news, reviews and opinion. Also covers business, sports, movies, education, entertainment news, political and social commentary.
20 -

Offers writers, photographers and graphic artists a place to have their work published. Find news, photos, graphics and newsfeeds covering current events.
21 -

KGB Report

Observations by and for the vaguely disenchanted by Kevin G. Barkes.
22 -

Bracket Bracket

Provides personal humorous, philosophical and weird observations, artwork and links.
23 -

Loud Bassoon Online Zine

Sarcastic or humorous information and opinions on things including music, movies, video games, and restaurants.
24 -

Paperless 2K

A weekly e-zine with opinionated commentary in publication since 1995.
25 -

Good Magazine

Offers articles, commentary, fiction and comics on culture and society.
26 -


Digital newspaper providing articles about Ecuador and other countries. Provides topics about politics, science, sports, entertainment, among others.
27 -

Big Blend Magazine

Online publication about art, lifestyle, business, music, and travel. News, events, and attractions.
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The Wire Magazine

Articles and commentary on current events, social and environmental issues; music news and CD reviews.
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