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Odd News Websites

This category is for web sites that collect news stories depicting odd-but-true events or speculations.- Category ID : 83319
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News of the Weird

Weekly bizarre-but-true weird news from around the world.
2 -

This Is True

Weekly syndicated sewspaper reports of bizarre-but-true news items from around the World.
3 -

Damn Interesting

Daily articles about diverse "damn interesting" facts, ideas and events from the past, present, or (anticipated) future.
4 -

Reuters: Oddly Enough News

Feed provides links to articles about oddities in the news.
5 -


Register for collaborative weblog where users comment on interesting, wacky and dubious news from around the world.
6 - Offbeat

Articles and headline news.
7 -

Topix: Weird

News of the weird, collected from various sources on the web.
8 -

Odd and funny news headlines submitted by the community.
9 -

Weird News Files

A collection of weird news stories, weird photos and weird videos from around the world.
10 -

San Francisco Chronicle: Weird News

Weekly collection of weird stories from the news wire services.
11 -

This is True

Free weekly odd news feed.
12 -


Weird News from Canada.
13 -

Sky News: Strange But True

Headlines from the broadcast network.
14 -

Boston Herald - Offbeat News

Odd headlines from the Boston Herald.
15 -

The Podger UFO

A celebration of freakish things and people all over the world. News snippets of all things odd, stange and unusual.
16 - - Offbeat

Selected items of odd news that is slightly off center.
17 -

Strange News Video

Subjects covered include odd world records and celebrity shenanigans.
18 -

Mirror - Weird News

Topics covered include, but are not limited to, nudity, poo, road signs with rude names and a goldfish having an operation to remove a tumour.
19 -

Huffington Post - Weird News

Lists strange news, and other weird news stories around the US and the world.
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