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Fathering is the parenting provided by Dad.- Category ID : 82549
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A site for dads covering all aspects of being a dad for every type of dad from new dads to divorced dads to gaming dads.
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Dads Uni

Australian based teaching ministry focused on fatherhood.
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An online resource for fathers, by fathers, offering stories, advice and inspiration to fellow Dads.
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Raising a Modern day Knight

Site promoting the Raising a Modern Day Night video and other materials.
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KQED Forum: Being a Dad

Hour-long discussion of fatherhood and the qualities of good fathers. Host: Cynthia Gorney. Guests: Armin Brott, Dr. Phillip Cowan, Dr. Mark Baker, and Joe Marshall. [51:53 streaming audio broadcast]
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Fatherhood on

Annotated web links for fathers, ranging from local playgroups to national programs to world-wide organizations.
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Christian Dads

Articles and resources designed to help build men into stronger Christians and better dads.
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Fathering from a Christian perspective

Articles and resources to help Christian fathers.
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National Center for Fathering

Tips, programs and training for fathers looking to become a better dad.
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Page discusses the impact of fatherlessness on children, families and society.
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Fatherhood Information Hub

Offers articles, insights and on-line surveys for men raising children.
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Meet the Breeders

Surprised parents (especially the dad) write about their unexpected pregnancy and all that goes with it.
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Dads at a Distance

Activities that long distance dads can do from a distance to maintain and strengthen relationships with their children.
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HeroDads—Helping Dads Become Heroes!

Commercial site with tools, books and games to help dads engage with their children.
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A news source that looks at the world through dad-colored glasses.
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Meet the Breeders

Surprised parents (especially the dad) write about their unexpected pregnancy and all that goes with it.
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Family Man

Features the stories and advice of Gregory Keer and other dad writers. Read tips, commentary, and product reviews. Interact with polls and discussion boards.
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Support For Dads

A group forming to help dads who have custody of, or who are fighting for custody of their children who are or have been abused mentally or physically by the biological mother.
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1st SPOT Fatherhood

On fatherhood, first time fathers, at home dads and single fathers. Lots of links to fathering sites.
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Minnesota Fathers & Families Network

Network serving fatherhood professionals, social service workers, educators, and fatherhood advocates across the state of Minnesota.
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Dads Web Resource

Offers a searchable directory of Web-based resources for dads organized by subject.
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Great Dad is a resource of experience, recommendations, inspiration and advice for dads – delivered from the male perspective.
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Father Of The Blog - A Parenting And Fatherhood Journal

A journal about Aaron Crall. Writing about his family, marriage, parenthood and fathering. An authoritative voice that is witty, thoughtful and sincere. This blog is about an average dad questioning his parenting abilities.

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