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Heritage Camps and Retreats for adoptive families and all those involved in the adoption process. These are meetings taking place over two or more days that educate and provide support for families formed by adoption.- Category ID : 82205
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Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families, Inc.

Heritage camps held in Colorado each summer for families with internationally or bi-racially adopted children. The website lists the various camp locations, information about the organization, and allows users to register for the camps.
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Created for Care

An annual retreat in Georgia for adoptive moms and recorded sessions to purchase. Offers information about the retreat team, the upcoming events, mini retreats (that can be done in your home town), and a shop to purchase recordings of retreat sessions.
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Ties That Bind

Adoption support conference in Georgia, that is sponsored by the Georgia Department of Human Resources. Offering schedules, speaker information, workshops, and information about teen programs.
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Together for Adoption

Christian based conference in Louisville, KY for adoptive families. Information about the conference, the speakers, event schedules, and audio and text based resources.
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Camp Mujigae

Korean culture camp in Albany, NY for Korean adoptees and their families. Provides information on the organization, the camp, camp staff, and volunteer opportunities.
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IIA Korean Culture Kamp

Iowans for International Adoption offers a summer camp and winter retreats for children who were adopted from Korea. Information about the events, staff, and photos from the events.
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Families for International Children

Heritage camps and social retreats in Grand Rapids, MI to connect adopted children with other children from their birth country. Offers information about the organization, the camp, and local resources for adoptive families.
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Camp Clio

Summer camp in Lyme, CT for adopted children offering all day or sleep away options. Offers testimonials, camp registration, and resources for adopted children.
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Heritage and Culture Camp

Annual Ethiopian heritage and culture camp in Virginia for adopted children from Ethiopia. Provides information about the events, how to register, and partners of the organization.
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