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Home/Do-It-Yourself lists sites which provide instructions, advice, and tips so that you can do things on your own rather than buy the product or have someone else perform the service.- Category ID : 82118
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Provides concise how-to articles over a broad range of topics.
2 -

How to Do Things

Directory that provides a wide variety of do-it-yourself tips and tutorials.
3 -

How to Get Rid of Things

A broad spectrum of humorous articles focusing on pest control, stain removal, bad smells, health problems, computer repair and a host of other domestic topics.
4 -


Web-based documentation platform where people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others.
5 -


Life hacks and instructional articles on subjects such as dating, science and electronics.
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Provides how-to articles on a range of topics. Includes origami, knots, sushi and paper planes.
7 -

Need Instructions

Features a library of how-to articles on varying subjects including cooking, health and pets.
8 -

We Like Making Our Own Stuff

A blog with articles covering subjects such as homemade soap, window cleaner, recipes and baby wipes. Includes photographs.
9 -

TaraDara Made It

Advice and tips on decor, parenting, cooking and fashion.
10 -

Hong Kong Chic

A blogger shares her tips on cooking, re-purposing household items, up-cycling clothing, and wood crafts.
11 -

So Pretty is as Pretty Does

Written by a crafter, home-cook, and interior designer. Articles with photographs.
12 -

Meg-Made Creations

Presents ideas for outdoors and indoors decor, fashion and cooking.
13 -

My Repurposed Life

Step by step tutorials showing how to makeover thrift store finds into useful objects. Provides a blog and podcasts.
14 -

Heels and a Toolbox - Single and Thriving

A blog written by a woman managing without a partner. Covers her trials and tribulations with home improvement projects, offers recipes, gardening guidance and posts about her life.
15 -

A Pretty Idea

A blog presenting recipes and craft projects with step by step tutorials and pictures.
16 -

Handyman Tips

Gives advice on home improvement projects, maintaining kitchen appliances, gardening, woodworking and making things for the home.
17 -


A blog with articles on home improvement, food and drinks and gardening.
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