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This area of the directory is host to recipes which are shared by communities.- Category ID : 81935
1 -

The Gutsy Gourmet

Large number of nutritious recipes from different world cuisines.
2 -

Ethnic Food Glossary

Small glossary covering several cuisines of Asia and others common in Hawaii.
3 - The Recipe Bin

Large number of recipes indexed by country, including top secret recipes.
4 -

The Gumbo Pages: Culinary World Tour

Favourite recipes from across the world with detailed preparation instructions.
5 -

Alaskan, New Zealand, and Irish Recipes

Favourite recipes of a big family, spread out across the globe.
6 -

Spanish/Latin American Recipes

A dozen recipes such as Chicken Piccadillo, Sassy Mojo Pork, and Sangria Del Sol.
7 - International Cuisine Recipes Index

Recipes listed by country from Australia to Vietnam.
8 -

World Recipes

International recipes collected from around the world, with glossary of cooking terms and ingredients.
9 -

Cookery Art

Rin.Ru offers international recipes ranging from the American to the Uzbek cuisine.
10 -

FamilyWeb Cafè

Online community to share ethnic and traditional family recipes.
11 -


Ethnic dishes from Algeria to Vietnam, searchable by cuisine, recipe name, ingredient or method.
12 -

Caribbean Dutch Cookbook

Features recipes from the Caribbean, Holland, Germany, France, China, and Indonesia.
13 - International Recipes

Recipes from world cuisines from Algeria to Vietnam.
14 -

Showcases the benefits of the Mediterranean and the Asian diet and lifestyle, including over 100 recipes.
15 -

Hispanic Recipes 1 Index

Spanish and Latin American recipes from the Masterstech Home.
16 -

Food in Every Country

Recipes and information about the history and traditions connected with local foods. Includes a bibliography and additional web resources.
17 -

The Worldwide Gourmet

Country culinary specialties and traditions, descriptions of good products and how to use them, and recipes.
18 -

Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook and Art Gallery

Recipes from the Maghreb to Indonesia, ranging from small helpings to substantial dishes and from soups to sweets.
19 -

Kitchen King

Browse recipes by location or ingredient.

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