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Sites that are primarily cooking techniques. How to cook and prepare food.- Category ID : 81922
1 -

Lone Star Dutch Oven Society

Organization dedicated to preserving the art of Black Pot Cooking.
2 -

Busy Cooks

Cooking information, methods, organization, and tips, provided by
3 -

Cookery Online

Provides free information and resources on food, cookery and the hospitality industry. Includes recipes, know-how, and cooking tips and knowledge.
4 -

Guide to Home Cooking

Information, food features cover history, usage, and many recipes for individual foods, cooking methods, and appliances, at
5 -

The Reluctant Gourmet

Guide for novices that includes recipes, techniques, and tips. Also features links to related sites.
6 -

Science of Cooking

Recipes, activities, and webcasts are used to explain the science behind food and cooking.
7 -

Cooking Tips and Hints

Cooking glossary, hints, tips, tricks, and techniques from CDKitchen.
8 -

Basics of Cooking Lessons

Features articles for beginners by Linda Larsen. Topics include information on following recipes, baking, food safety, meal planning and nutrition.
9 -

Recipe Q and A

Volunteer Chefs available to provide answers to nearly any cooking inquiry. A brief description of their field of expertise is listed to enable the user to ask the question to the appropriate chef.
10 - : Cooking 101

Tutorial series featuring basic lessons on food preparation.
11 -

Glossary from BBC Online

Listing of food and cooking terms.
12 -

Roasting Timetable from GourmetSleuth

Chart for beef, veal, lamb, pork, and poultry.
13 -

Metric Conversions from GourmetSleuth

Conversion chart from American measurements to Metric.
14 -

Mortar and Pestle (Molcajete) from GourmetSleuth

A brief history, description, types and uses this tool, including photographs and recipes such as pistou, guacamole, and salsa.
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