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Finger - Sandwiches served on thinly sliced bread with crusts removed and cut into bite-sized shapes such as rectangles, triangles, or rounds. This area is for the placement of sites having recipes for and discussing finger sandwiches.- Category ID : 81729
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Asparagus Tea Sandwiches

Recipe using canned asparagus and butter.
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Cream Cheese Party Sandwiches

Made with cream cheese, eggs, and pecans.
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Walnut Swiss-Cheese Sandwich

Equal parts of Swiss cheese and walnuts mixed with mayonnaise, and spread on whole wheat bread.
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Watercress-Olive Tea Sandwiches

Watercress and stuffed olives mixed with cream cheese and spread on egg bread.
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Cream Cheese Fillings for Finger Sandwiches

Presents recipes for Creamy Date Nut, Creamy Ginger and Rum, and Olive and Nut fillings which may be used in tea sandwiches made several days ahead and frozen.
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Fuit Fillings for Finger Sandwiches

Presents recipes for Pineapple, Cheery Cherry, and Creamy Strawberry fillings for tea sandwiches.
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Presents fancy ways to cut and recipes for tea, finger and larger sandwiches.
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Tea Sandwich Recipes

Presents recipes for Chicken Curry, Cucumber, Putting on the Ritz Egg Salad, and Walnut finger sandwiches.
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Summer Tomato Sandwiches

A lemon and mayonnaise spread on French bread enhances fresh tomatoes.
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Banana Bread Tea Sandwiches

Made with cream cheese and pecans on banana bread.
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Pineapple Nut Tea Sandwiches

Made with cream cheese, pineapple, celery, nuts, and maraschino cherries.
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Easy Aspic Glaze for Open-Face Sandwiches

Made with gelatine, water, and soy sauce.
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Tea Sandwiches

A selection of finger sandwich fillings including cranberry, lavender egg salad, celery-nut, and apricot and ham.
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Garlic-Parsley Finger Sandwiches

White bread with a fresh parsley and garlic spread.
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Foccacia Finger Sandwiches

Marinated bell peppers and goat cheese on foccacia bread.

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