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Safety Websites

Cooking, kitchen, food preparation and storage safety issues containing information about common problems with foods, and ways to minimize them.- Category ID : 81716
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Gateway to US Government Food Safety Information

Provides links to selected government food safety-related information. Most US government web sites are listed.
2 -

Food Safety Consortium

Information about and reports on the subject.
3 -

Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education

National association of public and private organizations committed to educating Canadians about the ease and importance of food safety in the home.
4 -

Food Safety

Series of factsheets from the University of Florida.
5 -

Kitchen Safety Tips

Tips for safely using deep fat fryers and knives, and working around the stove.
6 -

Food Safety Project

Information from Iowa State University on handling foods for tailgate parties and picnics.
8 -

NPR : Lettuce Learn How to Wash Produce

Food safety experts explain how to best wash fruits and vegetables before eating them.
9 -

Food Safe Program

A comprehensive collection of US based food safety links and contacts, and a growing collection of documents on most areas of concern.
10 -

National Center for Food Safety and Technology

Information about this consortium of food companies, the U.S Food and Drug Administration, and the Illinois Institute of Technology.
11 -

Turkey Safety

Basic tips on how to thaw, stuff, cook, and store turkey properly.
12 -

ScientificAmerican: Is It Safe to Eat?

Discussion and links on assorted food safety issues.
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Food Safety and Quality

Frequently asked questions about food preparation, storage, and other food safety issues.
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