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A dessert pizza is an open pie with base made of pizza dough, cookie dough, chocolate, or other sweet crust. The topping consists of fruit, chocolate, candy, or other sweet items.- Category ID : 81671
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Apple-Pineapple Dessert Pizza from

Made with canned refrigerated pizza crust, crushed pineapple, apple pie filling, sharp cheddar cheese, and dried apricots.
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Banana Split Brownie Pizza

Published in Country Woman Magazine, this recipe requires shortening, butter or margarine, baking cocoa, sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour, baking powder, salt for the crust. This base is topped with a combination of cream cheese, sugar, pineapple tidbits, banana slices, strawberries, pecans, and semisweet chocolate.
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Flaming Banana Pizza (Pizza de Banana em Fogo)

Yeast based crust with a topping made of butter, bananas, brown sugar or honey, cinnamon, and rum for flaming.
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Rocky Road Pizza

Quick recipe made with reduced fat brownie mix, marshmallow cream, semisweet chocolate chips, and walnuts.
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Chocolate Chip and Dried Fruit Pizza from RecipeSource

Taken from Pillsbury Classic Cookbooks Appetizers and Snacks, this recipe is made with chocolate chip cookie dough, diced dried fruit bits, orange juice, marmalade, coconut, and vanilla flavored candy.
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Chocolate Chip Pizza from RecipeSource

Originally from the Philadelphia Inquirer this recipe is made with white and brown sugar, margarine, peanut butter, vanilla, egg, and flour, and decorated with miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips.
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Chocolate Pizza

This variation is made with white almond bark, semi-sweet chocolate bits, mini marshmallows, salted peanuts, Rice Krispies, and coconut, and red or green candied cherries for decoration.
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Chocolate Pizza from RecipeSource

Made with white and semi-sweet chocolate, peanuts, marshmallows, rice crispy cereal, coconut, and red and white candied cherries.
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Fruit Pizza for a Crowd

The secret of this recipe is to arrange the fruit in an attractive pattern. Recipe requires one package sugar cookie dough, strawberries and any other favorite fruit, vanilla instant pudding, skim milk, and light cream cheese.
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Marshmallow Chocolate Pizza from The Fun Place

Recipe made with semi-sweet chocolate chips, white almond bark, marshmallows, crispy rice cereal, peanuts, decorated with red and green maraschino cherries, and coconut.
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Dessert Pizza from Zoom TV

Recipe using store bought sugar cookie dough, cream cheese, and any kind of fruit slices.
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