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Game Websites

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Michigan Sportsmen Web Recipes

A small index of fish and game recipes.
2 -

Big Spur Recipes

Features an index for big game, pheasant, upland and waterfowl.
3 -


Hunting and wild game cooking resource.
4 -

Recipes for Duck, Grouse, Pheasant, Goose & Quail

A dated but useful site with game recipes.
5 -

Beaver Tails

A recipe for broiling beaver tails over hot coals. Serves one person.
6 -

Everything Muskrat - Recipes

Links to recipes, news articles, restaurant reviews, and cookbooks.
7 -

Comanche Buffalo - Nance Ranches, Inc.

Includes tips for cooking buffalo along with several recipes.
8 -

Squirrel Recipes

Squirrel stew, pie, barbeque, and honey and cider squirrel.
9 - Recipes

Recipe directory for many species.
10 -

Field & Stream: Venison Recipes

Offers an archive of game recipes.
11 -

The Sporting Chef

Wild game recipes by chef Scott Leysath. Offers free subscriptions that result in a new recipe being emailed to you every week.
12 -

Harvesting the Acorns and the Acorn Eater

An acorn recipe and tips on preparing acorn meal. Several recipes, plus preparation tips, for squirrels, rabbit, possum, and raccoon.
13 -

How to Eat Roadkill - wikiHow

How to safely and ethically eat roadkill meat.
14 -

On Eating Roadkill, the Most Ethical Meat - Modern Farmer

The ins and outs of eating and cooking roadkill, legally.
19 -

Safe Handling of Wild Game Birds

Food safety for wild poultry. Instructions and recipes for roasting, grilling and smoking game birds.
20 -

Game Recipes

A collection of wild game recipes from famous restaurants.
21 -

Martin County Center: Wild Game Recipes

Large collection of assorted game recipes including armadillo, bear, beaver, frog, muskrat, opossum, rabbit, rattlesnake, and squirrel.
22 -

Cooked Animals: Recipes for Wild Game

Recipes for wild game, including venison, elk, fish, waterfowl. Product and book reviews for the latest in home cooking. Site by Ryan Newhouse.
23 -

Hunting Recipes - Deer Hunters Club

Features recipes for venison, turkey, small game and fish.
24 -

Recipe for Kudu - Safari Guide Africa

How to cook kudu in South Africa.
25 -

Northwest Game Recipes

A collection of wild game recipes for big game, upland game, waterfowl, fish and shellfish. The site includes instructions on food safety, field dressing, cooking methods and processing of fish and game.
26 -

Wild Game Recipes - Miss Homemade

Wild game, bird and fish recipes.
27 -

Recipes - Blue Forest Safaris

Wild game recipes from South Africa.

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