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Herb - A seed-producing annual, biennial, or perennial that does not develop persistent woody tissue but dies down at the end of a growing season. Spice - Any of various aromatic vegetable products (as pepper or nutmeg)used to season or flavor foods.- Category ID : 81565
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Search database of spicy recipes and special offers from this UK spice company.
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Botanical.Com Index of Recipes

An index of assorted recipes using herbs and other basic food stuffs.
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A Pinch Of

Creative information and recipes about culinary herbs and spices.
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Cyberspace Grill Herb and Spice Index

A descriptive index of 48 herbs and spices, such as Basil, Cumin, Coriander, and Lemongrass. Descriptions include photos and history.
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An informative site about spices, including a spice encyclopedia, usage tips and seasonal recipes.
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Herbs and Spices

Outline of a numbers of spices with graphics of each.
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Presents assorted information on the subject.
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A Website dedicated to collecting, growing, eating, and preserving South American chile peppers
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Pepper Fool

Many spicy recipes, restaurant reviews, and chili information.
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Information and how to preserve this herb which is a popular flavouring for confectionery and liqueurs
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A old recipe for aromatic seasoning taken from a book published in 1931, written in fairy old English.
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Recipe from a book published in 1931, for curry powder.
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Recipe for soup, or served baked, with cheese, or stewed. From a book published in 1931.
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Herbs in the Kitchen

Recipes using herbs, edible flowers and produce. Dressings, marinades, salads, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, drinks and desserts.
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Wild Greek Oregano - All About

History and uses of wild Greek oregano, the perennial herb Origanum vulgaris.
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Make your own herbal vinegars

Create herbal vinegars for cooking and adding flavor, beauty treatments and for medicinal uses.
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Better Homes and Gardens : Spices

Find out which spices are perfect for certain types of foods and create a tasty meal for you and your family! Also, learn a few tricks for substituting dried herbs and spices.
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Cooking with Herbs 1 2 3

Tips for the beginner on how to get to know culinary herbs. In depth information on six must have perennial herbs.
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How to grate a green/fresh/raw wasabi with a sharkskin grater for bringing the best fragrance.
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Information, uses, history and recipes.
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Seasoned Pioneers

Exotic and authentic spice blends, chillies, spices and specialist culinary ingredients of every major world cuisine. Information and advice on usage together with many recipes.
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Chili Recipes at

Recipes featuring chili
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