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Garlic Websites

Recipe sites in this category will use garlic as a featured ingredient and, preferably, as part of the site name. Recipes that use garlic as a condiment in small amounts, e.g. one of several flavorings in a sauce, should go in the appropriate category, e.g. Sauces, Dips, Gravies, and Toppings.- Category ID : 81372
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Baked Chicken with 40 Cloves Garlic

Made with fresh rosemary and thyme, cognac, and white wine.
2 -

Garlic and Spice Italian Recipes

A list of recipes for various condiments, among them some for garlic mashed potatoes, garlic green beans, and caramelized garlic vegetables.
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Shrimp Tamale with Roasted Garlic Sauce from Star Chefs

Includes separate recipe for roasted garlic sauce which could be used with other recipes.
4 -

Mashed Potatoes

Two brief descriptions of how to make garlic mashed potatoes.
5 -

Garlic Clams from RecipeSource

Uses fresh garlic and cherrystone clams.
6 -

Garlic Ice Cream from RecipeSource

Uses whole milk, heavy cream, and vanilla bean.
7 -

Garlic Ice Cream from RecipeSource

Relies on unflavored gelatin.
8 -

Garlic Jelly from RecipeSource

Recipe uses white vinegar and powdered pectin. Makes approximately 5 cups.
9 -

Glazed Garlic Cloves

Individual cloves are poached in milk then glazed with sugar and butter.
10 -

White Asparagus and Green Garlic Soup by David Sellers

Recipe includes fresh green garlic, asparagus, vegetable stock, white wine, cream, and thyme
11 -

Garlic Central

Recipes, information and facts, cooking tips, medicinal uses, as well as lore and quotes.
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Boundary Garlic Farm Recipes

Recipes using fresh garlic, how to test the flavors of various garlics, testing cooked and raw garlic.
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Broccoli with Garlic

The greens are steamed then sauteed with 6 cloves of garlic, olive oil and cayenne.
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Garlic Recipes by Pat The Garlic Lady

A selection of recipes that use garlic. Recipes are categorized by course.
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Pickled Garlic

Collection of seven recipes including Chinese, Sugar-Pickled and Persian.
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Garlic Recipes from Christopher Ranch

Garlic producer in Gilroy, California offers selected recipes from their collection.
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Bacon Garlic Pie - Allium Forum - GardenWeb

Recipe uses 40 garlic cloves, cream, bacon, eggs, Swiss cheese and rosemary.
18 -

Roasted Garlic from Better Homes and Gardens.

Instructions on how to roast garlic and then 16 ways to use it.
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Garlic World Recipes

Recipes featuring garlic include ice cream, stuffed onions, French fries, and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.
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Garlic Bread Puddings by Epicurious

A combination of 8 cloves of garlic with eggs, French bread and seasonings baked in a muffin tin.
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Quick 40 Clove Chicken from Epicurious

Recipe uses whole garlic cloves and chicken breast halves and bakes in thirty minutes.
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Garlic Recipes at

Recipes featuring garlic.
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Green Garlic by GourmetSleuth

In-depth article includes forms and uses, nutrition, health benefits, recipes, and steps on how to grow.
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Greek Garlic Sauce

Used as a dip to be served with vegetables or as an accompaniement to fish or chicken.
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