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Recipes for drinks or beverages which incorporate tea (Camellia sinensis), or herbal or fruit tisane, as an ingredient.- Category ID : 81331
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Amaretto Tea

Simple after dinner delight from Mashtea Gholee Cyber Tea House. Made by adding almond liqueur to hot tea and topping with whipped cream.
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A Perfect Cup Of Tea

Instructions for a truly savory cup of tea from Mashtea Gholee CyberTeaHouse.
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Bubble Tea and Pearl Tea Recipes

Recipes for homemade bubble or pearl tea.
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Tea Drinks from RecipeSource

Alphabetical and searchable collection of over 50 concoctions.
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Tangerine Tea

Made with black or orange pekoe tea and freshly squeezed juice with optional addition of peach brandy or peach schnapps.
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Chai Kurdi (Kurdish Tea)

Sephardic recipe using Indian tea leaves.
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Tempting Almond Tea

Serving 4 to 6, made with tea bags with the addition of lemon juice and grated rind, and almond extract. From RecipeSource.
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History of Ice Tea and Sweet Tea

About two traditional iced teas in the United States.
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How to make a perfect cuppa

Humorous article on how to make the "most perfect" cup of tea. Shows different scientific and accepted opinions on what makes the perfect cuppa.
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Cooking with tea

Information, history and recipes for cooking food with tea as an ingredient.
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Tea Recipes

Listing of tea recipes, from Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal Magazines.
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Tetley Tea Recipes

Includes recipes for Honey-Apple Tea, Earl Grey Shortbread, Tea Scones, and Chai Granita.
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Classic Bubble Tea

Uses Chinese tapioca pearls and strong chilled tea to yield one 16 ounce drink. From Culinary Café.
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Collection of recipes involving tea, published by Adagio Teas.
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