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Coffee Websites

Category features sites containing coffee-based beverage recipes and/or how-to information on preparing coffee and/or espresso beverages.- Category ID : 81318
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Fluffy Mocha Cream

Made with instant coffee, water, ice cream, topped with whipped cream in which almond extract has been folded, and sprinkled with nutmeg.
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Coffee Drinks from RecipeSource

Alphabetical listing of recipes.
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Viennese Coffee

Rich mixture of coffee, cream, and chocolate, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.
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Orange Cinnamon Coffee

One serving, using orange peel.
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Thai Iced Coffee

Uses cardamom and evaporated milk. Yields 4 servings.
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Brewing the Perfect Cup of Coffee

A two page article on factors which can influence the taste of coffee.
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Cafe au Lait - Coffee with Milk

Equal parts of Cafe Noir and scalded milk or cream makes this classic New Orleans coffee beverage. Serves 1. From Bella Online.
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Cup Of Heaven Coffee Recipes

A large selection of over 100 coffee recipes, indexed alphabetically.
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Your Favorite Coffee and Tea Recipes

Uncommon selection of recipes involving coffees, iced and hot teas, hot cocoa and hot chocolate.
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Coffee Recipes

Listing of coffee recipes, from Better Homes and Gardens and Ladies Home Journal Magazine(s)
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Easy Coffee Recipes

Coffee drink recipes with simple directions and common ingredients for easy home preparation
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An Israeli Coffee Blog

An Israeli Coffee Aficionado writing about coffee in Israel
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Coffee and Chocolate Recipes

A collection of hot, iced and flavoured coffee recipes, chocolate desserts, Cake and Cookies.
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Coffee Recipes

Collection of gourmet recipes includes Thai Iced Coffee, Calypso Island Coffee, and Mocha Cinnamon Shake.
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Non-Alcoholic Drinks from Coffee World

Recipes using coffee such as Peanut Butter Mocha, Milk Chocolate Espresso, or Iced Cappuccino.
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