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Health information, advice and support for and by teens.- Category ID : 80787
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Providing education, clinical care, research, and health care information for adolescents.
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Youth In Transition

Youth with chronic health disorders and their caregivers can find information and resources to assist in their transition to independence and self-management.
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Hearing Damage and Loud Music

Document, from abelard, on the relationship between loud noise and ear damage, with particular reference to young people and loud music.
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Teen Health FX

Providing health and medical information, access to medical, mental health, and other support services in Northern New Jersey.
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Teen Health Issues

Find information about health issues important to teens and health services available from many health and social service agencies in the Mahoning Valley.
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Breasts and its Development: Information and Guide for Teenage girls

Offers in-depth information of breast development from childhood to menopause stage, and serves as an enlightening guide for teenage girls.
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Ted Noffs Foundation

Provides comprehensive life management programs designed to equip youth at risk with the skills to better manage their own lives.
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Provides information about physical health and emotional well-being. Provides a variety of articles on many subject matters regarding teens.
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Your Health Sunderland

Health information for young people and their parents.
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Teen Health and Wellness

provides middle and high school students with diseases, drugs, alcohol, nutrition and mental health information.
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Created by doctors, has honest, accurate information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.
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Teens WebMD

Find information for teens on sex, puberty, relationships, and lifestyle at the Teen Health Center.
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MedlinePlus: Teen Health

Directory of health related resources concentrated on the health of teens.
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AWARE: Teens

Abstinence Wait-training And Relationship Education offers information for teens on healthy sexual behavior. Includes abstinence, sexually transmitted diseases, FAQs, and answers to personal questions by email.
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VeryWell: Teen Health

Covers information about puberty, acne, weight, teen pregnancy and peer pressure.
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The Health Teacher

Health teacher Amy Lauren Smith shares insight into how to make your curriculum current, relevant, and adaptable.

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