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Cancer Websites

Sites in this category serve the support needs of people with Cancer or similar conditions. SEE SUB-CATEGORIES The sites provide information and resources. Many sites provide up to the minuet news on issues related to health. All sites listed are interactive - you will find message boards & chat areas. You are encouraged to read each sites PRIVACY POLICY. Use these sites for educational & support purposes only. They should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with your doctor or other health care provider.- Category ID : 80757
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Vital Options

Radio talk show, The Group Room, uses communications technology to reach every person dealing with cancer.
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Cancer and Careers: Living and Working with Cancer

An interactive resource and community for working women with any type of cancer and their employers, coworkers, and caregivers.
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Cancer Patients Aid Association

An NGO working for the welfare of cancer patients in India. Activities include detection, insurance, rehabilitation and awareness.
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Global support community for people whose lives have been touched by cancer.
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Living With Cancer

Geared towards those who have cancer and need someone to talk to. Contains information and motivational support.
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Spinal Cord Tumor Association, Inc.

A public discussion forum and information exchange dedicated to the interests of victims of spinal cord tumors.
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National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship

A nationwide network of independent organizations and individuals working in the area of cancer support and information.
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Rare Cancer Alliance

Information, research, support, links, websites, for rare cancer patients and loved ones.
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The MetaCancer Foundation

Provides resources and support for metastatic cancer survivors and their caregivers. Features articles, news, art room, and a message board.
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Chemotherapy and You: A Guide to Self-Help During Cancer

A booklet for patients who are receiving chemotherapy for cancer
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Cancer Forums

Online discussions on various types of tumors. Includes topics such as coping, support, clinical trials and treatment options.
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Union for International Cancer Control

Its objectives are to advance scientific and medical knowledge in research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer, and to promote all other aspects of the campaign against cancer throughout the world.
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PMP Pals - Pseudomyxoma Peritonei Network

A worldwide resource and referral service for patients with rare intestinal cancers and/or Pseudomyxoma Peritonei.
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Pseudomyxoma Survivor

The support network for those affected by pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP), appendix cancer and other peritoneal surface disease.
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Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Volunteer group of cancer survivors providing support to fire department employees and immediate family members diagnosed with any form of cancer. Los Angeles, California.
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Cancer Support Community

Non-profit organization dedicated to providing free emotional support, education and hope for people with cancer and their loved ones.

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