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Smoking From All Sides

Links to pages for all perspectives of smoking. Includes sites about anti-smoking groups, commentary, health effects, cessation, celebrity smokers, statistics, news, history, and pro-smoking documents.
2 -

State of Health Products

Anti-tobacco ID tags, T-shirts, posters, buttons, magnets, wall signs, bookmarks, headbands, and the now-obligatory mouse pads.
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Art depicting anti-smoking messages.
4 -

Health Education Inc. Research Promotion Prevention

Tobacco prevention and education for Nebraska children and communities. News, legislation, and art.
5 - Tobacco Overview

Collection of stories on tobacco from the Washington Post.
6 -

Not To Kids!

Campaign to educate the community about the Tobacco Control Act of Ontario.
7 -

UCSF Tobacco Control Archives

California has been a leader in tobacco control; UCSF maintains an archive of important documents, including many formerly secret tobacco industry internal memos.
8 -

Documents on Tobacco, Nicotine, Smoking, Cigarettes

Tobacco documents, secret documents, tobacco sites, smoking-related news, addresses, history, movie and book lists, health information, quit-smoking, spit tobacco.
9 -

Tobacco Names

Names of people involved in tobacco; some with short descriptions of the involvement; a work in progress.
10 -

Men and smoking

Compilation of articles by Menstuff on smoking and impotence, spit tobacco, influences undermining public health efforts, smokefree living, secondhand smoke, and nicotine addiction.
11 -

Proposed US Federal Tobacco Legislation

Tech Law Journal summary of bills pertaining to tobacco sales and ads on the Internet.
12 -

Tar Wars

National poster contest for fourth- and fifth-graders on tobacco-free lifestyles.
13 -

How Stuff Works: How Nicotine Works

Illustrated tutorial describes how nicotine can be a stimulant or a depressant, depending on when used and how much.
14 -

Nicotine Addiction to Disease: Growing Up With the Tobacco Industry

Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute materials covers history and consequences of tobacco use.
15 -

The Dope on Nicotine

NOVA episode on nicotine, addiction, and tobacco products.
16 -

BBC News | Smoking

Collection of stories from the BBC.
17 -

Leave The Pack Behind

A campus smoking program which provides information for smokers and non-smokers.
18 -

Tobacco Industry Tracking Database

Searchable database contains bibliographic citations, abstracts, and detailed indexing for over 11,000 articles, news stories, and other materials regarding the tobacco industry, clean indoor air campaigns, and other tobacco policy issues.
19 -

National African American Tobacco Prevention Network

A national network of Black tobacco-control and health promotion activists.
20 -

Big Tobacco Looks for a Clean Getaway

Entire issue of Multinational Monitor devoted to the 1997 proposed deal with the tobacco industry.
21 -

GASP of Colorado Education Center

Tobacco information resources ranging from the costs to society to the effects of secondhand tobacco smoke.
22 -

Making Smoking History

Article features public health worker who challenges the conventional view of smoking as an individual problem, and makes the case for tobacco as a societal health problem.
23 -

India Tobacco News Extracts

Cancer Patients Aid Association hosts news stories on tobacco in India.
24 -

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

U.S. legal-action antismoking organization. Resources include information on health effects, quitting, advocacy programs and techniques, smoking statistics, and U.S. antismoking groups.
25 -

The National Center for Tobacco-Free Older Person

Advocacy group and center for conducting research, education and training to increase public awareness of the effects of tobacco on older persons and to reduce smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke by older persons. Includes fact sheets with data about smoking among older persons, and information specific for older persons about tobacco-related health problems, smoking cessation, and tobacco settlement funds.
26 -

NIEHS Report on Carcinogens

Evaluation of substances by scientists from the National Toxicology Program has listing that includes Environmental Tobacco Smoking, Tobacco Smoke, and Smokeless Tobacco.
27 -

Health Effects of Tobacco and Secondhand Smoke

Factsheets on tobacco, secondhand smoke, the tobacco industry, and cigarette sales.
28 -

eMedicine - Nicotine Addiction

Medical facts on the physiology of nicotine addiction, and the effect tobacco products have on the brain, lungs, and other vital organs, and a treatment options section.
29 -

University of California - Center for Tobacco Control and Research Education

Publications on tobacco include analysis of industry documents, and reports on industry influence in government.
30 -

NIDA Research Report - Nicotine Addiction

National Institute on drug abuse report on nicotine covers addiction, extent and impact of tobacco use, how nicotine works, effects of long-term nicotine exposure, treatment of nicotine addiction, gender differences in smoking.
31 -

British Medical Journal, 5 August 2000

Tobacco is the theme of this issue; articles on health policy, lung cancer, passive smoking, tobacco dependence, tobacco litigation.
32 -

Center for Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Research

Monitors tobacco use trends over time in response to tobacco control activities.
33 -

Project Smokeout

Dedicated to exposing tobacco industry activity in Texas and around the globe.
34 -

Powerpoint Presentations on Tobacco

18 powerpoint presentations from leading tobacco experts, including tobacco company bar promotions, marketing tobacco to women, economics of tobacco, types and uses of tobacco litigation, US tobacco marketing tobacco outside the US, and teenagers, smoking, and transnational tobacco corporations.
35 - Collected Resources: Smoking

Includes hundreds of papers, news stories, clinical reviews, letters, debates, and editorials about health effects and public policies.
36 -

Missouri Department of Health: Smoking and Tobacco

Factsheets and reports on tobacco prevention, clean in door air, costs of tobacco products, youth tobacco use, and county-level studies; most in PDF or Word format.
37 -

Information on Drugs of Abuse: Nicotine

Resources on nicotine addiction from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
38 -

MedlinePlus: Smoking

Medical emphasis; factsheets, clinical trials, prevention/screening, news, organizations, statistics, particular populations.
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