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Effects Websites

The Effects category focuses on tobacco-related effects on the human body. Sites appropriate for this category include consumer information, professional information, organizations, services, and personal experiences.

The primary method of organizing this information is by the type of tobacco-related effect. The types of effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Cancer,
  • Effects on the respiratory system,
  • Effects on the cardiovascular system,
  • Effects on the brain and nervous system,
  • Effects on the mouth and throat, and
  • Effects on reproduction and pregnancy.
Some sites focus on all effects resulting from a specific type of exposure. These are organized under "By Source of Exposure" and include:
  • Cigarette smoking,
  • Cigar and pipe smoking,
  • Smokeless tobacco, and
  • Secondhand smoke.
Sites not listed in this category:
  • Topics focused on addicti- Category ID : 80727
1 -

Cigarette Anyone?

Firsthand accounts of what it is like to live with the diseases caused by cigarettes.
2 -

Premature Skin Wrinkling And Cigarette Smoking

Recent research on how tobacco products cause face wrinkles in young people.
3 -

Tobacco Facts

The facts on tobacco products and cancer of the larynx, lung, and mouth, emphysema, epidemology, and how to quit; information and graphic pictures from a Kentucky physician.
4 -

BBC News: Grim toll of smoking

More than 122,000 British smokers will die prematurely in the year 2000 from a smoking-related disease; article explains.
5 -

Tobacco BBS Health Information Page

Annotated collection of links on health effects of firsthand and secondhand smoking, spit tobacco, quitting.
6 -

Fire Injuries, Disasters, and Costs from Cigarettes and Cigarette Lights fires

Scientific paper estimates the injuries, deaths, and costs from smoking-attributable files.
7 -

Smoking Increases Anxiety

Smoking is supposed to calm the nerves, but researchers have found evidence that it might have the opposite effect. BBS News article on recent research.
8 -

Worldwide Trends in Tobacco Consumption and Mortality

WHO report outlines effects of tobacco globally, identifies trends.
9 -

The Whole Truth About Smoking

New research find that the tobacco industry does a good job in deceiving the public about the full health risks of smoking; a rundown of 6 myths about smoking and the facts.
10 -

Mortality from Smoking in Developed Countries 1950-2000

Latest edition of massive tome; content in PDF format.
11 -

Cigarette Smoking-Attributable Morbidity --- United States, 2000

Most reports focus on how many people are killed by tobacco products; this report estimates how much disease cigarettes cause: tobacco products give more than 8.6 million Americans serious diseases every year.
12 -

Smoking Deaths Not Overstated, Re-Analysis Shows

Refuting claims by the tobacco industry that death estimates from smoking are inflated, the American Medical Association re-analyzes the data.
13 -

Smoking Cessation Health Center

Discussion, graphics, and analysis of tobacco use, disease, and death.
14 -

Smoking Caused Disability

Smoking not only shortens life, it increases number of years of disability. This research analysis estimates how much increased disability is caused by smoking.
15 -

Diagnose-Me: Conditions: Cigarette Smoke Damage

Lists diseases caused by tobacco propducts, and provides a brief description of each.

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