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Postpartum Depression Websites

Postpartum illness can affect up to 8 out of 10 new mothers, to varying degrees of severity. Postpartum Depression is thought to be triggered by the rapid change in hormone levels experienced after labor, as well as extreme exhaustion.- Category ID : 80579
1 -

Center for Postpartum Health

Addresses the pregnancy and birth needs of women and their families, before and after delivery, particularly as it pertains to the development of depression and other mood disorders.
2 -

The Association for Post Natal Illness

Information and advice from the UK charity. Includes available leaflets and newsletter.
3 -

Baby Blues Connection

Volunteer association providing information, resources and phone support to postpartum mothers.
4 -

Post Natal Depression

Information, stories and support forum.
5 -

PND Productions

A Postnatal Depression (PND) video and CD ROM for health care professionals and parents dealing with the postnatal depression and its effects. Produced by PND counsellor, Liz Wise.
6 -

Understanding Postnatal Depression

Information and tips for mothers and families affected by PND, compiled by a mother who has experienced the illness herself. Provides two forums for sharing experiences and support.
7 -

PPD Support Page

Offering peer support and resources to people dealing with postpartum mood disorders.
8 -

Postpartum Stress Center

Information on postpartum depression, including diagnosis and self help and message boards.
9 -

The Ruth Rhoden Craven Foundation, Inc

Providing information and support to women suffering from postpartum depression. Includes medical resources and treatment information.
10 -

Postpartum Experience

An informational site by a mother who has suffered from PPD and is currently collecting personal experience stories in order to compile a book about a range of postpartum mood disorders.
11 -

American RadioWorks - Suffering For Two

Addresses the issues of treating or not treating women with antidepressants during and after pregnancy. Transcript available. [7:32 Realaudio broadcast]
12 -

Postpartum Support International

A self-help support network, research guide and international bibliography. Includes a self-assessment test.
13 -

Royal College of Psychiatrists: Post Natal Depression

Patient information leaflet can also be downloaded as a PDF document.
14 -

BeyondBlue : National Postnatal Depression Program

This program aims to research and prevent postnatal depression within Australia.
15 -

The Functions of Postpartum Depression

A research article proposing an evolutionary function for postpartum depression.
16 -

Marce Society

An international society for the understanding, prevention and treatment of mental illness related to childbearing. Website of the Australasian Branch.
17 -

Postpartum Depression

Identifying and dealing with postpartum blues, serious depression and psychosis.
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