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Natural Family Planning Websites

This refers to avoiding pregnancy without using any "artificial" means such as barrier methods, intrauterine devices, hormones or surgery.
Methods considered "natural" include early withdrawal, and/or monitoring of the menstrual cycle to avoid having sexual intercourse on the days of maximum fertility.
While less reliable than other methods of contraception, natural family planning is more acceptable to some religious, ethnic or cultural groups.- Category ID : 80332
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National Association of the Ovulation Method of Ireland

Helps women learn how to manage their own fertility through monitoring body changes. Includes details of the Billings method of self-examination.
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Twin Cities Natural Family Planning Center

Information on Ovulation Method, human fertility cycles, and other non-chemical approaches to family planning.
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Billings Life

Covers the Billings Ovulation Method of natural family planning, research papers and teaching material, identifies teaching locations other countries.
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Fondation SymptoTherm

Swiss organization offering support and information on the Sympto-thermal method.
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Family of the Americas

Discusses natural family planning through the ovulation method.
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Fertility Wizard

Fertility calculator gives daily estimates based on menstrual cycle.
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Billings Ovulation Method Association

Information about this method and access to instructors who assist couples achieve future conception.
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Natural Fertility of New Zealand

Teaches natural fertility awareness for couples trying to conceive or trying to avoid pregnancy.
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Fertility Awareness Center

Non-profit group providing information on the method and steps to learn fertility awareness from a non-religious perspective.
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The NFP Files

Collection of FAQs, articles, links, resources, and organizations that explain natural family planning as an alternative to contraception, sterilization and abortifacients.
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