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The history of public health including large public health campaigns.- Category ID : 80296
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CDC Public Health Image Library - PHIL

A collection of still images, image sets, and multimedia files related to public health.
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The Public Health Museum in Massachusetts

Includes exhibit information and photographs about public health in Massachusetts.
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Images From the History of the Public Health Service

An online version of Images from the History of the Public Health Service; A Photographic Exhibit by Ramunas Kondratas, Ph.D. printed in 1994 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Public Health Service.
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John Snow and Cholera

The life and times of Dr. John Snow (1813-1858), with multimedia pages including the complete text of On the Communication of Cholera. Created by the Department of Epidemiology, UCLA School of Public Health.
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American History Sweatshop Exhibition

A pictorial tour of sweatshops from 1820 to the present. From the National Museum of American History Smithsonian Institution.
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Clendening History of Medicine Library: Nightingale Letters

Exhibition of photographs and letters of Florence Nightingale pertaining to the history of nursing
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Walter Reed Yellow Fever Papers at U. Va.

Personal and professional letters and documents written and received by Reed and his associates during their successful effort to prove the mosquito transmission of yellow fever
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Edward Jenner

Includes e-texts of the three publications about smallpox vaccination.
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In Their Own Words: NIH Researchers Recall the Early Years of AIDS

Recordings and transcripts of oral histories about the discovery and early investigations of this mysterious and devastating disease.
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Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe

A hypertext archive of narratives and government records of Italian epidemics in the 14th century
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In Memory of James Beattie Morison M.D.

In 1961 Dr. James Morison wrote an important paper on why people smoke: "Smoking Habits of Winnipeg School Children". He also wrote on nursing homes and public health.
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Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Official publication of the American Association for the History of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins Institute of the History of Medicine. Sample issue and table of contents only. Full text requires subscription to Project Muse.
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