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First Aid Websites

Provides information on first aid topics aimed at health consumers. This information is not intended to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.

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Emergency and First Aid - HealthWorld Online

Listing of common injuries and recommended first aid treatment.
2 -

AllExperts First Aid Q & A

Volunteer experts answer your questions about first aid for free.
3 -

St John Ambulance UK

St John Ambulance is a leading first aid charity in the United Kingdom. Information on training courses and free online first aid resources.
4 -

British Red Cross - Everyday First Aid

Interactive resource providing simple first aid advice on how to treat a range of injuries and illnesses.
5 -

First Aid For Free

Free online course with presentations, quizzes and videos.
6 -

Association of First Aiders

Large community of first aiders and first aid trainers in the United Kingdom.
7 -

British Red Cross - Children First Aid

Free first aid information for children on topics such as choking, asthma and burns. Includes animations, videos and quizes.
8 -

Irish Red Cross - Dublin 15 Branch

Online basic first aid course from the Dublin 15 Branch of the Irish Red Cross. Includes a quiz to test your knowledge.
9 -

First Aid Reference

Provides online First Aid and CPR information on how to handle common first aid emergencies written by medical professionals.
10 -

First Aid - NHS Choices

Information on accidents, first aid and treatments by NHS Choices
11 -

CPR Test

Free online CPR and first aid tests covering latest guidelines. Covers adult and baby CPR as well as choking.
12 -

First Aid Powerpoint

Free first aid powerpoint presentations for anyone to download and use.
13 -

Emergency First Aid

Free emergency first aid guides providing clear and simple information on key medical emergencies
14 -

Mayo Clinic: First Aid Guide

Information on handling common situations which require first aid. Includes two short follow-up quizzes to check comprehension and recall.

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