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This category is for English language web sites of Alternative Health professional organizations and links to other Open Directory categories for organizations and clubs; "People" organizations.

The editors reserve the right to omit from the index sites which are submitted more than once to the same category, sites under construction, or sites which belong in other categories.- Category ID : 78726

1 -

Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB)

Non-profit organization created to advance the development, dissemination and utilization of knowledge about applied psychophysiology and biofeedback. Based in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.
2 -

Health Action Network Society

Non-profit consumer organization investigates all methods, types and systems of preventative health care and natural therapeutics (including natural remedies in alternative medicine and health care). Based in Burnaby, BC, Canada.
3 -

International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA)

Dedicated to upholding standards of quality, professionalism and ethics at all levels of NLP Certification training.
4 -

Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (CSTA/NA)

Non-profit organization created for the support, recognition, registration, and as a referral service for certified Craniosacral Therapists and students.
5 -

American Holistic Nurses Association

Provides membership, certification and conference information, online chat and message boards.
6 -

American Herbalists Guild

Non-profit educational organization representing herbalists. Provides peer-review in U.S. for professional herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Based in Canton, Georgia.
7 -

Association of Vision Educators

National organization of natural vision improvement professionals. Information on natural vision improvement methods, conferences and seminars, journal and member practitioners.
8 -

American Association of Alternative Therapists (ASAT)

Information about the profession, ASAT C.O.R.E. counseling, certification courses, and Elfinstone College.
9 -

European Scientific Cooperative on Phytotherapy

Includes registration for a free online journal, details of the E/S/C/O/P, membership, legislative issues, publications and links.
10 -

Integrative Medicine Alliance

Non-profit dedicated to raising the quality of healthcare in New England by bridging the gap between alternative and conventional medicine. Online membership directory.
11 -

Psychophysical Therapists Guild of Australia

Association of health care professionals offering psychophysical healing and hypnotherapy in Australia.
12 -

Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Association of professional natural and traditional therapists working in the area of health care and preventative medicine. Search member practitioners list.
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