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Organizations that specialize in offering continuing education for nurses are listed here.- Category ID : 78478
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Offers unlimited hours with a yearly membership fee.
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Offers online testing and immediate certificate of completion. Includes mission statement, list of courses, frequently asked questions, and author guidelines.
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Long term care education and training seminars - NIH

The NIH is a non-profit education and research organization that provides regulatory, clinical, financial, and management information through continuing education to long term care professionals.
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Novo Nordisk Center for Online Professional Continuing Education

Provides free accredited continuing education programs for registered pharmacists, nurses, and dietitians.
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Cardillo and Associates

A professional development, consulting and education firm offering seminars, tapes and workshops.
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Nurse Practitioner Associates for Continuing Education

Non-profit organization which organizes national primary care conferences. Includes conference and publication information, newsletter and mailing list.
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Offers continuing nursing education online.
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PICC Excellence, Inc.

Provides training for peripherally inserted central catheters through classes, self study and instructor kits.
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National Educational Video, Inc.

Provides continuing education videos for nurses and health care assistants throughout the USA, as well as patient information resources.
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Bells and Whistles

Intensive Care Unit(ICU) Training for Rehabilitation professionals (PT/OT/SLP)
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Offers online testing and immediate certificate of completion. Includes accreditation, course catalog, news, personal record, registration form, and frequently asked questions.
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Offers online courses with audio and video lecture, 3-D animation, and synchronized lecture notes. Includes computer requirements, journal, online enrollment, and FAQ. [Windows, 56kps connection, Real Media Player 8]
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Barkley and Associates

Offers certification review and continuing education courses for nurse practitioners. Includes course list, locations, and faculty qualifications.
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Medical-Legal Consulting Institute, Inc.

Education and national certification for legal nurse consultants. Includes membership information and list of programs.
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Lactation Education Consultants

Includes faculty background, list of courses with dates, cram course information, and contact information.
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Ed4Nurses, Inc.

Offers CDs, tapes, and seminars. Includes articles, tips, news, and newsletter.
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Encore Symposiums, Inc.

Offers nurse anesthesia seminars. Includes list of symposiums.
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Nurses Research Publication

Offers courses online and by mail. Includes list of courses and contact information.
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CNE credit available for courses on hepatitis and other topics. Read articles online or download them.
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Nursing Center for Clinical Lab Experience

Offers review courses. Includes subject list, schedule, and contact information.
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Teaching Smart Learning Easy

Offers courses on critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Includes qualifications, course list, publications, and news.
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Online courses from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing. Includes list of courses and registration information.
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Nursing Review of Silicon Valley, LLC

Provides reviews for NCLEX, CGFNS, CNOR examinations in classroom setting or via online web conferencing. Includes class overview, course schedule, and fees.
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Bay Area Tumor Institute

Offers programs for oncology nurses in the San Francisco Bay area. Includes list of programs and mailing list information.
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Health Leadership Nursing Certification

Provides nurse practitioner certification reviews and continuing education.
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Continuing Education for Nurses

Resource links, case studies, and continuing education courses for nurses.
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Nurses Education

This site offers continuing education courses, NCLEX and CGFNS preparation.
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Western Schools, Inc.

Provides online and mail-order continuing education courses for all types of nurses.
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Ready To Pass

Offers classes to pass the CNA, NCLEX-PN, and NCLEX-RN exams.
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California School of Health Sciences

Provides classes internationally and in United States. Includes calendar, course list and descriptions.
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Long Beach Memorial Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education opportunities for nurses on a variety of topics, in Long Beach, CA.
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Taylor College

Offering home study and online courses, with class descriptions, prices, and employment opportunities.
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