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Counseling, psychotherapy, and treatment services available to help people overcome mental health problems and difficulties. Includes national services and general informational or referral services.- Category ID : 78177
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FEI Behavioral Health

Employee assistance programs. Work, life, and crisis management. Services are provided in-person, over the phone and through a customized website.
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Mental Health Information by Dr. Marty Tashman

Collection of mental health papers that help you decide when a person needs therapy or how to select a therapist.
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Merle James Yost

Public forums for men with gynecomastia or men who have been sexually abused. Information about his books and his psychotherapy practice. A question and answer column, a book of the month and many links.
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General resource for counseling and psychotherapy. Includes FAQs staffed by professionals and information on how to find a qualified mental health counselor.
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Gregory J. Boyce

Description of psychotherapy. Mini-lessons on Transactional Analysis. Links to other mental health sites and referral sources.
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Dr. Ofer Zur, Ph.D.

Therapy without the constraints and intrusion of managed-care. Online catalog, free downloads, seminars. California, Sonoma.
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The Phoenix Center

Individual and marital counselling, and business mentoring services. Download a free 45 page book on building excellent relationships.
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The Doctors Gurr

Husband and wife team of psychologists in New York State. Includes newsletter articles and links for the general public and mental health professionals.
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The Excel Center

Counselling and hypnotherapy clinic in Alberta Canada. Offers a mental health therapist referral service, hypnosis audio programs, and on-line Inspiration Journal and Forum.
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Psychology Doc

Treatment of emotional and marital problems, psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy. How to select and check qualifications of a therapist, symptoms of panic disorders and other emotional problems.
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Cancer as a Turning Point

Lawrence LeShan, PhD and staff offer cancer support retreats and individual marathon therapy sessions, in NYC, NC and CT.
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DRB Alternatives

Licensed clinical social worker provides general counseling, in-person or telephone consultations. Contains articles on general counseling, substance abuse quiz, and mediation. Boynton Beach, Florida.
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Peter Rath, Psy.D.

A brief description of services provided (California) as well as information on a live internet psychology talk show.
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Center for Cognitive Rehabilitation

Provides evaluation and treatment services for people with a wide range of physical and emotional problems. Includes information about the evaluation, links and contact details. Located in Decatur, Georgia.
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Resource Center for Freedom of Mind

Helping victims of mind control. Defines a cult - stating not all are religion based. Links to cult awareness groups and resources. Steven Hassan, author of Combatting Cult Mind Control.
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Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute

Offering treatment at three locations in Missouri and Southern Illinois, for families and individuals suffering from emotional and behavioral problems. Includes details of programs, staff, and facilities.
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Without Conflict There Can Be No Growth

Phyllis Karpe Bergstein, counselor and author of "The Courage to Confront Coloring Book for Adults". Pioneered Confrontation Therapy for women.
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Rick Carson and Associates

Psychotherapist and author of two books ("Taming Your Gremlin" and "Never Get a Tattoo"). Offers confidential counseling, books and cassettes.
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Richard Grossman, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy for individuals and couples. Essays on psychotherapy, couples counseling, parenting, and a variety of other topics in psychology. Located in Brookline, Massachusetts.
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People Resources - Employee Assistance Programs

Committed to helping businesses solve problems that deplete human potential and human assets. Offers online services as well as services in Missouri.
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Dr. Kathy Marshack, Ph.D.

Family business counselling, family business online therapy, psychotherapy and family business consultation. Author of "Entrepreneurial Couples: Making it Work at Work and at Home".
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MEERS, INC. Consulting Psychologists

A family practice of psychology with an emphasis on consultative, wellness, and psycho-educational approaches for all ages, located in Ohio. Offers online articles on mental health issues.
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Processus Counseling and Consulting

Features an overview of services, staff, and location. Lists free talk series offered each fall and spring. Provides articles of interest in the areas of depression, marriage, children and divorce, eating disorders, parenting adolescents. Located in Minnesota.
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Oyster Point Psychological Practice Inc

Providing clinical and forensic services. Includes practitioner biography, contact details, and FAQ.
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Mentor Counseling

Jeff Leiken counselor, educator, works with at risk youth. Training consulting and youth advocacy programs also provided.
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About Psychotherapy

Information explaining what psychotherapy is, how it works, why it works, what should happen there, why go, when to stop, how to find and choose a therapist.
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Optimum Health Resources

Family physician, author and speaker, Dr.David Rainham provides a stress test, books and tapes to guide in taking charge of stress.
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Dr.Deborah Sunbeck and Infinity Walk

Training, books and videos: an accelerated sensory motor cognitive language development program for ages 6-adult, special education, occupational therapy, superlearning, all learning styles, dyslexia, multiple intelligence, whole brain learning, improved self-esteem, performance skills.
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The Rational Basis of Happiness

Ask Dr. Kenner, clinical psychologist, any personal question toll-free. Happiness has a rational basis.
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Paul Haider - Stress Management

Offers corporate and individual stress management programs and seminars.
31 -

Theft Talk

Counsels theft offenders of all ages, provides theft victim services, and professional training services.
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Matrix Psychological Services

Employee Assistance Programs and consulting services help corporate clients care for their employees through a nationwide network of doctorally trained psychologists.
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Our Emotional Minds

A new therapeutic approach, known as Clinical Affectology and af-x Therapy, resolves depression, anxiety, stress, and psychosomatic symptoms.
34 -

Multicultural Family Institute

Offers a wide variety of conferences, programs, seminars, training, sessions, and clinical services to individuals and families. Based in New Jersey. Monica McGoldrick LCSW, PhD (h.c.), Director.
35 -

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Offers programs to develop the sensory-cognitive processes. Includes details of programs, services, and locations throughout the United States and London, England.
36 -

The Whole Child Center

Learning, behavior, and social problems of children. Definitions of attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, emotional intelligence, and the whole child philosophy. Mailing list. Toll free hotlines and helplines, resources links. New York; New York.
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Claremont Behavioral Services

Resource for personal, practical worksite-focused EAP services to private and public sector employers, their employees and family members.
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Provides nationwide employee support and wellness services.
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Provides educational materials on mental health and psychotherapy, including diagnostic criteria, descriptions of different therapeutic approaches, an bibliography, discussion and support groups, and book reviews.
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Galway Counselling Studies

Provides information on individual counselling and psychotherapy, courses in counselling, psychotherapy and managing stress. Offers supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, and trainers. Based in Ireland.
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McLean Hospital

National and regional psychiatric and mental health hospital located near Boston, Massachusetts. Information about programs, research, and topics in mental health.
42 -

Menninger Clinic

Specialty psychiatric and behavioral hospital offering diagnostic and treatment programs for adolescents and adults from around the US. Includes information about services and research activities. In Houston, Texas; originally in Topeka, Kansas.
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Counseling Approaches

Written by Dr. Daniel Baney, an ordained United Methodist minister and licensed psychologist, this article examines what to look for in a choosing a counselor.
44 -

Could Counselling Help?

Information on different types of counselling and psychotherapy, how they work, FAQs, common issues including anxiety and depression, and online tests.
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Connections Counselling

Offering support on a range of personal issues via various means. Includes information on support options and fees.
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Yorkshire Training Centre

Psychotherapy and counselling offered by experienced and registered therapists. Also training in professional psychotherapy qualifications.
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Multiple Family Group Therapy

Focuses on the multiple family group style of therapy. Counseling offered. On-line articles.
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Dr. Marian Stansbury, Ph.D.

Offers counseling and coaching for individuals and couples. Online quizzes, tests, and articles. Office in Connecticut.

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