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Pharmacogenomics Websites

This category is for sites about the closely related fields of pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics. Both involve themselves with the variation in drug reaction and expression in individuals with different genetic makeup; pharmacogenetics considers the influence of one or several individual genes, whereas pharmacogenomics deals with the entire genome.- Category ID : 77883
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Novartis Pharma

Links to Pharmacology Research Partners.
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Learn Genetics. Introducing Personalized Medicine

Provides an easily understandable introduction to genetics and pharmacogenomics, the study of how different drugs interact with multiple genes and the biological molecules they encode.
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Pharmacogenomics: Medicine and the New Genetics

Overview, anticipated benefits, and links to related resources. From the U.S. Human Genome Project.
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Wikipedia: Pharmacogenetics

Online encyclopedia entry on this field which is generally regarded as the study or clinical testing of genetic variation that gives rise to differing response to drugs.
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Pharmocogenetics Knowledge Base

Integrated resource about how variation in human genetics leads to variation in response to drugs.
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UCSF Pharmacogenetics of Membrane Transporters Project

Conduct research and a series of integrated studies to elucidate the pharmacogenetics of membrane transport proteins. Includes information on personnel, publications, training, and available data.
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EntroGen, Inc.

Offers pharmacogenomic tests to clinical diagnostic laboratories and research institutions.
8 -

Personalized Medicine Portal

Portal for research and clinical news and articles related to personalized medicine.
9 -

The Pharmacogenomics Journal

Dedicated to the rapid publication of original research on basic pharmacogenomics research and its clinical applications.
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Pharmacogenetics of Anticancer Agents Research Group - PAAR

Identify and evaluate polymorphisms in drug metabolizing enzymes, transporters, or targets relevant to anticancer agents. Includes publications, training, and related links.
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Non-profit organization focused on promoting the science and practice of personalized medicine through research, commercialization and education. Provide information on ongoing partnerships, clinical trials and studies of marketed products.
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Empire Genomics

Diagnostics company providing analysis of FGFR2 gene that have been associated with several medical conditions including Breast Cancer, Apert Syndrom, and Jackson-Weiss Syndrome. Provides information about the company, diagnostic assays, and services.
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Personalised medicine - new cancer therapy info & next generation diagnostics ~ the other truth

Blog by Dr P van Uden that reviews new cancer therapies, discoveries, and next generation diagnostics (IVD). Description of cancer personalized medicine and available treatment options.
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GeneSight Pharmacogenomic Test

Provider of DNA test that helps healthcare providers take a personalized approach to prescribing medicine for patients.
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Molecular diagnostics company providing laboratory testing for cancer genomics and pharmacogenomics, as well as forensic toxicology.
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American Medical Association: Pharmacogenomics

Provides examples, scenarios, implications, definitions, and the economics of pharmacogenetics.
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