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1 -

Drug Discovery and Development

Articles covering genomics, bioinformics, cellular biology, transgenics and stem cell research as it applies to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
2 -

Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Reports on advances in cardiovascular drug research and use. Table of contents, author guidelines, editorial board and subscription information.
3 -

Clinical Neuropharmacology

Bimonthly journal devoted to the pharmacology of the nervous system. Contents, author guidelines, editorial board and subscription information.
4 -

Behavioural Pharmacology

Focusing on research in ethopharmacology to the pharmacology of schedule-controlled operant behaviour. Table of contents, author guidelines, editorial board and subscription information.
5 -

American Journal of Therapeutics

Access to full-text content, online-only content, features and services, author submission materials and title-specific information. An LWWonline partner.
6 -

Nature Reviews - Drug Discovery

A monthly journal aimed at dealing with drug discovery and development.
7 -

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics

Reviews, original research papers and technical notes. Join the editorial board, view the archives and subscribing details.
8 -

Pharmacy Daily

A free Australian publication dedicated to the retail pharmacy industry. The publication is distributed via email as a PDF to pharmacists and their staff across the country. Includes a registration form.
9 -

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin

Monthly publication with online archives since 1994. Contents and abstracts to view, with full text available by subscription to the BMJ Group, London, UK.
10 -

Indian Journal of Pharmacology

Official publication of the Indian Pharmacological Society. Peer-reviewed open access biomedical speciality periodical from India. Provides free full text articles and journal subscription information.
11 -

Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science

An open access journal dedicated to various disciplines of pharmaceutical and allied sciences.
12 -

Polish Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Publishes papers concerning all aspects of pharmacology. Article abstracts are available online.
13 -

Journal of Clinical Pharmacology: Advances and Applications

An international, peer-reviewed, open access, online journal, publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on many areas of drug pharmacology in humans.
14 -

Integrated Pharmacy Research and Practice

Online journal by DovePress, publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on areas of academic and professional pharmacy practice.
15 -

Trends in Pharmacological Sciences

Cell monthly review journal in pharmacology and toxicology. Trends in Pharmacological Sciences contains succinct articles on recent developments in pharmacology and toxicology research.
16 -

Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Published by American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Provides broad coverage of all aspects of pharmacology, furthering research into the interaction of chemicals with biological systems. Offers online access to publications.
17 -

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

Online journal published by Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Focuses on pharmaceutics, drug formulation and delivery. Provides online access and subscription information.
18 -

Tiberian Journal of Pharm and Lifescience Innovatives

Online international journal published by Tiberia Publications Limited. A peer reviewed journal publish research work, reviews, short communications, and case reports. Offers ethics forum, guidelines for authors, and subscription information.
19 -

Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine

International peer-reviewed open access journal by DovePress characterizing the influence of genotype on pharmacology leading to the development of personalized treatment programs for improved safety, efficacy and sustainability.
20 -

Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management

Peer reviewed open access journal from DovePress focusing on reporting of clinical studies, outcomes, safety, and programs for the effective, safe, and sustained use of medicines. Provide author guidelines and subscription information.
21 -

Journal of Experimental Pharmacology

Open access online journal by DovePress, publishing original research, reports, reviews and commentaries on areas of laboratory and experimental pharmacology. Provides publishing guidelines and subscription information.
22 -

Adolescent Health, Medicine and Therapeutics

Online peer reviewed journal focusing on health, pathology, and treatment issues specific to the adolescent age group. Provides manuscript submission guidelines for authors and subscription information.
23 -


Direct links to pharmacology journals.
24 -

Skin Pharmacology and Applied Skin Physiology

A journal of pharmacological and biophysical research. Sample issue available online.
25 -

British Journal of Pharmacology

Official publication of British Pharmacological Society for original papers, reviews, and correspondence updated weekly. Current contents and archive since 1996, with full articles available.
26 -


International journal of experimental and clinical pharmacology published by Karger. Provides journal publications, subscription information, and guidelines for authors.
27 -

The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Publish original research, special reviews, commentaries, and case reports on all phases of drug development from absorption, disposition, and metabolism through post-marketing evaluations. Professional journal for clinical pharmacologists, researchers, drug development specialists, physicians, and nurses.
28 -

BSP The Open Pharmacology Journal

An open access online journal, which publishes research articles, reviews, and letters in many areas of pharmacology.
29 -

Pharma & Medtech Business Intelligence

Features articles covering regulatory, legislative and business news that is related to the pharmacology industry. Includes a searchable database of FDA television meetings.
30 -

Research & Reviews: A Journal of Pharmacology

Research & Reviews : Journal of Pharmacology ( RRJoP ) is an online journal focused towards the rapid publication of fundamental research papers on many areas of pharmacology. Journal publish studies of interactions that occur between a living organism and exogenous chemicals that alter normal biochemical function.
31 -

Journal of Scientific and Innovative Research

Online research journal for biomedical scientists publishing review and research articles in medical and life sciences areas.
32 -

World Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Online peer-reviewed journal focused on pharmaceutical sciences. Provides information for authors, research publications, and communications in such fields as pharmaceutics, nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and others.
33 -

The Annals of Pharmacotherapy

Independent, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of pharmacotherapy.
34 -

Journal of Drug Assessment

A quarterly publication, available on subscription, covering all aspects of drug evaluation.
35 -

Archiv der Pharmazie

Devoted to research and development in all fields of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry and publishes original papers, reviews, short notes and communications on new research results.
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