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Pharmacology is the study of drug mechanisms, from the point of administration, through absorption, to both the desired and side effects of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), or its formulation.  Any drug can be a poison, depending on the dose, and the study of excessive amounts is dealt with by the field of Medical Toxicology.

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Searchable database which provides patients, family members and the public with information about current ongoing clinical research studies. From the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
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The Ones That Stain Blue

Visionary mushrooms: studies in ethnopharmacology.
4 -

Body Surface Area Calculator

Calculates Body Surface Area, with advanced features such as automatic units conversion. The can be used for medication dose calculations.
5 -

Eicosanoids & Vascular Pharmacology

Provides details of research into the reactivity of human vascular tissue, with conference calendar and published material.
6 -

IUPHAR Database of Receptors and Ion Channels

Peer-reviewed pharmacological, chemical, genomic, functional and anatomical information on human, mouse and rat GPCRs, voltage-gated and ligand-gated ion channels from the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.
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Professionally designed pharmacology, molecular and cell biology signaling pathways slides and diagrams for scientists and researchers.
8 -


Medication reviews and comparisons of various drugs, including analgesics, antidepressants, hypnotics. The information is based on recent reviews and articles published in the medical literature and drug prescribing information approved by the US FDA.
9 -

Substance Abuse Professionals of Texas

Provide addiction counseling, DOT and EAP services and evaluations, offender education. Offers information about consulting and referrals.
10 -

Interactive Clinical Pharmacology

Describe principles of clinical pharmacology and provides data and animations. Educational materials for clinical practitioners and pharmacology students. Offers information about a companion book (Instant Clinical Pharmacology by Evan Begg, Blackwell Publishing, 2003).
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Wikipedia article on pharmacology. Describes the history of pharmacology, development of new medicines, and pharmacology research conducted by academic institutions and pharma companies worldwide.
12 -

ScienceDaily: Pharmacology News

Online pharmacology news resource. Provide pharmacology research news and links to new publications.
13 -

The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics

Professional society for pharmacology scientists and researchers. Provide membership, meeting and events information. Offer access to pharmacology research articles and publications.
14 -

Orange Book: Approved Drug Products

FDA resource listing approved drug products with therapeutic equivalence evaluations (known as “Orange Book”). Provide information on formulations for drugs that are on the market a well as information on date of approval.
15 -

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

NCCAM provides information on complementary and alternative medicine topics, herbal and vitamin supplements, and tips on how to be an informed consumer.
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Fundamentals of Pharmacology by Coursera

Pharmacology online course developed by University of Pennsylvania. Provide information about the class, educational resources and links.
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Pharmacology Resource by Elsevier

Publisher of multiple pharmacology and life science research journals. Provides pharmacology news, updates on professional events and meetings, links to pharmacology textbooks and professional literature.
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Clinical pharmacology article from Wikipedia

Describe basic clinical pharmacology topics and terms, such as pharmacodynamics (PD), pharmacokinetics (PK), toxicology and drug development.
19 -

Guide to Pharmacology

An online guide to pharmacological targets with quantitative information on the prescription medicines and experimental drugs that act on them, developed by the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology (IUPHAR) and the British Pharmacological Society (BPS).
20 -


Medical pharmacology resource from McGraw-Hills. Provides access to pharmacology textbooks, medical research articles and clinical research publications. Includes industry news, events, and subscription information.
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Xenograft Pharmacology and Toxicology

Description of xenograft animal models used in pharm/tox preclinical research studies. Provides information about xenotransplantation methods, tumorigenic cell lines, and PDX xenograft services.

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