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Organisations that have health informatics as their central focus or mission. Organisations that have a broader focus than health may be moved to a more appropriate category.- Category ID : 77340
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College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)

Serving the professional development needs of healthcare CIOs, and advocating the more effective use of information management within healthcare.
2 -

American Health Information Management Association

Includes membership information, history and bylaws. Details of FORE - Foundation of Research and Education the charitable affiliate organization of AHIMA.
3 -

American Medical Informatics Association

US not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development and application of medical informatics in the support of patient care, teaching, research, and health care administration.
4 -

Healthcare Information and Management Society

US not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of health care information and management systems.
5 -

Australian College of Health Informatics

An Australian health informatics professional body. Newly established it intends to represent the interests of a broad range of clinical and non-clinical professionals working within health informatics.
6 -

Health Informatics Society of Australia Ltd

HISA was established in 1992 by representatives of health informatics groups operating within Australia. Site has many features including links, downloads and publications. Details the Health Informatics Conference (HIC) held in Australia.
7 -

HINZ - Health Informatics New Zealand.

National not-for-profit organisation. Conferences and seminar details. Membership login provided.
8 -

The Public Health Informatics Institute, Georgia

Focuses on informatics collaboration with details of workshops, publications, readings, events, contacts and partnership details and links.
9 -

Medical Software Industry Association

Active in Australia since 1995 representing vendors and developers at the government level on initiatives such as Health Online, as well as a range of forums, working groups and committees. Members details, discussion, links, events are shown.
10 -

Primary Health Care Specialist Group of the British Computer Society

Concerned with all aspects of information technology affecting primary care.
11 -

Microsoft Healthcare Users Group

Useful site for wide range of health informatics issues.
12 -

ERCIM Working Group on Health and Information Technology

Workshop proceedings, reports and upcoming events contributed by members of this working group of the European Research Consortium Group for Informatics and Mathematics.
13 -

Health Information Management Association of Australia

A national professional association representing health information managers.
14 -

International Medical Informatics Association

International not-for-profit organization promoting medical informatics in health care and biomedical research. Includes membership information, member societies, newsletter and events.
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