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Pets Websites

This category is for informational sites about pet health. It is not for sites about pet foods, pet health products, sitting services or any other commercial purpose.- Category ID : 75060
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Animal Doc Com

For kids who would like to be veterinarians. Pet health and care information, puzzles and contests.
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AVMA Care for Pets

About animal health, safety; pet loss, buying a pet. Information on veterinarians.
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Pets with Disabilities

Support group for people facing the everyday challenges of taking care of a pet who faces physical limitations.
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Provides free pet health care advice with breed-specific information. Includes information for kids, veterinarians, farmers, teachers and an online catalog.
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Animal Allergy and Dermatology Services of Connecticut

Here you can find out about the services, meet doctors and staff, read about health issues, answers to the most frequently asked questions, directions to the offices.
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Alaska Science Forum: Cats, Dogs and Other Pets

Articles on color genetics, animal senses, and other topics.
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Pet Trust Fund

Run by the University of Guelph and devoted to providing financial assistance for the advancement of health, health care, and quality of life, for companion animals.
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Inner Circle

Dr. Andrew Jones DVM provides online pet health solutions to members of the Inner Circle including e-books, videos, audio recordings and a forum where members can ask their specific questions.
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Pet Tech: First Aid and Care for your Pets

Provides training for pet owners in first aid, CPR and care, and longer courses for people to train as a Pet Tech instructor, with a directory of instructors in the US and Canada.
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Aims to create a free online resource and forum for pet health and other animal care related topics including basic care, nutrition and behavior.
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Stop The Fleas

Information site dealing with flea infestations, flea bites and other flea problems.
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Veterinary pet blog set up by Patty Khuly, VMD, MBA, a small animal veterinarian in Miami, Florida.
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Little Critters Vet

Written by a practicing vet, this site offers extensive information on dog, cat, bird, ferret, rabbit, rodent, and reptile care in health and disease.
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Pet MD

Provides information for cat and dog owners including health, drugs and behavior. Also provides an interactive symptom checker and social networking pages.
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Speaking for Spot

Provides details of a book in which Dr. Nancy Kay provides an insider’s guide to navigating the potentially overwhelming, confusing and expensive world of veterinary medicine.
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Veterinary Advice

Small animal vet offers helpful advice and opinion on a wide range of veterinary topics.
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Blog tackling humorous, educational and touching topics in a small animal veterinary clinic.
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Ask A Vet Question

Dr. Marie offers veterinary help for sick dogs, cats and pocket pets. Includes information on her qualifications, prices, archive questions, articles and a blog.
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Ask the Vet

Online vet answers pet health questions, providing advice on problems affecting cats, dogs and other small animas.
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Pet Behavior Problems

Animal behavior problems are common and one of the biggest reasons that people give up their animals or treat them harshly. By treating behavior problems it is possible to enhance the relationship between and person and their companion animal and prevent further damage.
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Provides information on pet health, safety and nutrition.
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Vets Direct

Provides helpful veterinary information and advice on pet health care issues covering cats, dogs and rabbits.
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Yahoo! Groups: novaxk9s

List intended for people interested in discussing the dangers posed by vaccines, drugs and pesticides to the animals in their care.
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Vet Arena

A community for pet owners and veterinarians. Includes news, articles and forum.

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