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Magazines and E-zines for Alternative Health Resources is a discovery place for articles specifically describing ways to heal the mind and body and spirit through non-traditional medical and non-mainstream methodologies.- Category ID : 74863
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Mercola Optimal Wellness Center

Free weekly newsletter of top medical news on subjects including cause, prevention and alternative treatment for a variety of common medical conditions.
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Lilipoh Wellness Journal

Journal dedicated to informed choice in healthcare using natural medicine methods.
3 -

Spirit of Change

Features articles on body, mind and spirit wellness, social change, a directory of online holistic services, calendar of events and reviews.
4 -

Common Ground Magazine

Monthly magazine dedicated to health, wellness, ecology, personal growth, and spirituality.
5 -

Healthy Way Magazine

Filled with complementary health and lifestyle information and advice, based on the knowledge and traditions of practitioners of complementary therapies and the clinical research of modern science.
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Inspiration Journal Magazine

Provides subscription information for Hawaii-based magazine.
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Moods Magazine

Moods magazine helps those suffering with or have family or friends with depression, and mood disorder. [Subscription only. No free content online.]
8 -

International Journal of Healing and Caring

Clinical reports and research in spiritual awareness and healing, intuition, personal development and wholistic therapies discussed by clinicians. [Subscription or pay per article required for full access to all content.]
9 -

Urban Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

A site with articles and stories created to educate people about modern shamanism, its power to heal and guide, and its relevance to our modern lives.
10 -

Well Being Journal

Bimonthly publication dedicated to natural, alternative and complementary medicine.
11 -

Totalhealth Magazine

Provides news and information on natural and alternative health and integrative medicine.
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Harmonious Living

Web portal that embraces all aspects of living a life in harmony. Includes articles on the mind, body, spirit, the environment, and alternative health.
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Natural Awakenings

Health and well-being magazine that presents special features, interviews with national figures, guest columns, stories, resource directories, and a community calendar.
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