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The Resources category is meant to provide in depth, comprehensive, and well documented educational and informational listings for the Health/Alternative categories. The standards for the diverse traditions and modalitites represented in the top category will be respected.

For the most part this means non-commercial sites unless it is a database, or the content outweighs promotion.- Category ID : 74860
1 -

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Part of the US National Institutes of Health, and undertaking research, training, and dissemination of data to the public and professionals. Includes events calendar and details of clinical trials.
2 -

HealthWorld Online

Mega site of resource on wellness, natural health, traditional, complementary and alternative medicine information, and self care.
3 -


Provides health and lifestyle information products for intranets, Web sites, and touch screen kiosks.
4 -

Healing Crow

Non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about chronic illnesses and non-drug related treatments. Founded by Seth Barrows in Greene, New York.
5 -

Non-profit organization dedicated to non-pharmaceutical common sense health education. Hugh Mann, founder.
6 -


Health prescriptions by board certified physicians combine alternative medicine, supplement, vitamins, herbs, and nutrition with conventional medicine. Based in Reston, Virginia.
7 -

Alternative Medicine Foundation

Non-profit organization in Bethesda, Maryland, dedicated to providing objective information on alternative medicine, complementary medicine, Tibetan medicine and herbal therapies.
8 -

Natural Health and Longevity Resource Center

Articles, health news, books, links to health sites. Guide to nutritional remedies.
9 -

People Against Cancer

Non-profit organization distributes a wide range of educational materials about non-toxic innovative forms of cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Headquarters in Otho, Iowa, with offices worldwide.
10 -

Alternative Medicine: Why So Popular?

Article by Hans R. Larsen investigates the reasons why acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy and other modalities are flourishing.
11 -

Empowerment Station

Support and information for those with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, FMS, CFS, and Lupus.
12 -

Healing Intent

June Kaminski, RN MSN, offers techniques and guidance for holistic healing and wholeness.
13 -

Information, resources, message forum on alternative therapies, including online Reiki classes.
14 -

Cancer Cure Foundation

Alternative cancer information including therapies and referrals to clinics. Non-profit organization founded by G. Edward Griffin based in Newbury Park, California.
15 -

Wholistic Healing Research

Daniel J. Benor, M.D., documents that wholistic healing works. Extensive research evidence included. Wholistic Integrative Care and Spiritual Healing defined.
16 -


Articles and online resources on alternative health.
17 -

Consumer Health Organization of Canada

A non-profit organization making people aware of the holistic or alternative approaches to health. Includes information on prevention of disease through nutrition, whole foods, dietary supplements, herbs and related resources.
18 -

AltMedAngel: Alternative Medicine Angel

A non-profit site offering educational information and research on various health conditions, medications, supplements and therapies. Includes physician directory, newsletter, book review and product guide.
19 -

The Cauldron

Information about healing herbs, crystals, color healing and holistic medicine. Maintained by Merlin (Peter), color healer.
20 -

Townsend Letter

Listing of alternative medicine courses, workshops, and conferences.
21 -

Natural Healers

Provides information about schools, programs, certification, careers and licensing requirements. Includes searchable database and FAQ.
22 -

Millions Against Medical Madness

Promotes natural healthcare as standard care. Educational articles. Dr. Lisbeth Baird, founder.
23 -

Revolution Health: Natural Health

Provides articles, forums, medical advice, and consumer reviews.
24 -

Cure Zone

Provides suggestions and alternative treatments for a variety of ailments and conditions. Includes articles and a forum.
25 -


Information on alternative medicine including traditional Chinese medicine, hypnotherapy and naturopathic medicine. Maintained by in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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