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ColorLight MindBody Healing

Online colored light therapy sessions are available in the Color Light Spa.
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Brooker Colour Therapy

Clinic in Cambridge, New Zealand, offers therapy that matches the frequency wavelength of a color to that of a disease.
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Lightfield Systems

Color and sound therapies using the pulse reading technique of Dr. Paul Nogier to find precisely matching resonance frequencies and colors. Tools, training, and sessions.
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Swami Devageet - C.H. Newman

Offers light-as-colour, electronic gem therapy, hypnosis, and elucidation (dialoguing with somatic centres) therapies in the United Kingdom.
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Healing with the Rainbow Rays

Articles, book reviews and spiritual journeys. Workshops worldwide by Alijandra.
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Colour Energy

Colour and aura products, services and education, color therapy energy and wellness products
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Colour Therapy Healing

A complete insight into the world of Colour Therapy. Details about the Chakras, treatment,colour, and the history of colour.
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Aura Light

Offers vibrational essences, gem elixirs, essential oils, herbal energies, stellar patterning, love and light.
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The Astrology of Colour

The properties and meanings of colours and astrological associations
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Phoenix Enterprises

Information on colour (and other) therapy as well as courses taught by the company.
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Free information and products for color therapy, aura healing and vibrational healing. Information on our aura camerasand how color and light can change your life.
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Color the Secret Influence

The effects of color on health and psychology, in advertising, and interior environments. Provides research data and promotes informed color selection.
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