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Spin Off from Target Games, creators of several roleplaying games, such as Warzone, Chronopia, Drakar och Demoner and Mutant Chronicles.
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Clash of Arms

Manufacturers of a wide range of rules and boxed sets that cater for many naval periods.
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Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Publishers of a wide assortment of rulebooks and rulesets for gaming in many periods and settings. Creators of the popular Rail Wars and Deadlands titles.
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Dragon Storm

Fantasy roleplaying game featuring the artwork of Susan Van Camp.
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Brick Commander

Unofficial web site featuring Mechs and vehicles from the Battletech universe. Details and photos of models created with LEGO in minifig scale.
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Seekrieg Naval Wargame

The official web site for the Seekrieg Naval Wargame rules and a host of resources for all naval wargamers.
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Might of Arms

Official site. Rules for historical miniatures wargaming the ancient, dark and medieval ages by Bob Bryant. Description, optional rules, list of armies, frequently asked questions, purchase information and clarifications.
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Twighlight Creations

Producer of the Zombies boardgame as well as several miniature ranges, including glow-in-the-dark zombie miniatures.
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Classical Hack

Developers of a non-tournament historical set of rules; set in the Ancient period, as well as providing information on tactics, armies and scenarios for Ancient wargames.
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Flagship Games

Producers of wargaming rulesets covering historical, fantasty and science fiction genres. Also produces several lines of 25mm resin-cast wargaming ships and accessories.
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Advanced Primate Entertainment

Creators of the Cyberpunk and Dark Horizions roleplay gaming modules. Also has downloadable free scenarios for both games.
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August Games

Publisher of board and role-playing games including Road Kill Rally a unique car-based game.
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Vis Bellica Online

Official site for the Vis Bellica rules for wargaming the Ancients period. News, views, scenarios, amendments and rule clarifications.
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Warm Acre

Publisher of Hour of Glory, a game on covert operations in World War II.
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Wooden Ships and Plastic Men

Rules for wargaming with pirates and pirate ships.
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Lego Omniverse

Wargame rules start with the basics, then continue with additional space and fantasy rules.
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