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Game Studies covers the artistic, cultural, social, psychological and economic significance of games. This category includes links to academic studies, journals, news articles, conferences, associations, and related information on game culture and research.- Category ID : 62973
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DFC Intelligence: Game Industry Research

Providing strategic market research and statistics on the video game, interactive entertainment and interactive broadcasting industries.
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Game Research

Offers news and research information on the development and social impact of computer games, and the Games Research mailing list.
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Game Liberation

A game about game theory by Jesper Juul.
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Yee, Nicholas - The Norrathian Scrolls: A Study of EverQuest

Findings of a major study of EverQuest players including data on and discussions of demographics, statistics, psychology, charts, addiction, gender differences, gender bending, relationships, romance and guilds.
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Richard A. Bartle: MUD Writings Archive

A collection of fulltext research articles on MUDs by different researchers.
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Satellite Uplink

A collection of insights that put video games inside a broader cultural and aesthetic framework. E-book available for download.
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Globaltimoto : A Quest For Gameplay

One man, on a motorcycle, around the world, in a quest for gameplay. A mission to explore and record culture through games.
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Interactive Fiction

Annotated bibliography and several scholarly articles about interactive fiction, by Dennis G. Jerz.
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The Canadian Video Game and Computer Industry

Offers information and analysis about the video and computer game industry in Canada. Produced by a group of researchers in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario.
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Artificial Life Game

Contains useful links to resources and studies of artificial life games.
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Elliott Avedon Museum and Archive of Games

Virtual exhibits from the University of Waterloo, Ottawa, Canada. Dedicated to research and the collection, preservation, and exhibition of games and game-related objects.
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Games For Health

Sponsored by the Serious Games Initiative. Develops a community and best practices platform for the numerous games being built for health care applications.
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Dungeon & Dreamers

Website for book of the same name. Includes sample chapter and individual pages for authors Brad King and John Borland.
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Artificial Life Game

Articles and inform information on artificial life games.

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