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Any Usenet software that is neither a client (newsreader) nor a server is welcome in this category.- Category ID : 61803
1 -


Perl-based GPL gateway between Usenet and the Web.
2 -


Enables RSS feeds to be read with NNTP newsreaders. Open source software, requires the Java Runtime Environment.
3 -

Parchive: Parity Archive Tool

Main development site for software to handle the PAR and PAR2 archive formats. Contains the file format specification, graphical clients, information for those who want to contribute to the PAR software, forums and announcements.
4 -


Open source PHP script that enables access to a newsserver (by NNTP) from a webpage. It allows to combine web-forums and newsgroups.
5 -


A web-based, open source, multi-user CGI news reader written in Perl. Also works with Apache and with mod_perl.
6 - yEnc TZ

Open source utility that decodes files in yEnc, UUencode and Base 64 formats widely used on binary newsgroups. Versions available for Mac OS 7, 8, 9, and X as well as Motorola 68K based Macintosh computers.
7 -


Open source tool that includes both and encoder and a decoder able to handle Base64, BinHex, UUencode, XXencode and yEnc formats. Versions for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, Windows and DOS are available.
8 -

OSSP: lmtp2nntp

Open source local mail transfer protocol service for use in conjunction with a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) like Sendmail or Postfix, providing a real-time mail to news gateway.
9 -

TechSono Engineering, Inc.

Has several shareware applications specialized in binary newsgroups for Windows and Mac OS X, such as NZB client software, yEnc, RAR, and PAR decoders or a picture downloader.
10 -


Acts as a proxy that converts UUencode to yEnc and supports SSL encryption; includes a configuration wizard for Outlook Express and Windows Mail. A freeware version with limited features is also available.
11 -


Acts as a proxy server and decodes yEnc and multipart posts for newsreaders such as Outlook Express that do not support this encoding format. Requires registration. Also distributes Easy Post, a freeware binary poster for Windows.
12 -

Usenet Resource Downloader

Point-and-click Web-based binary download manager licensed under the GNU GPL. It uses a database (e.g. MySQL) to store all information and aggregates articles into sets, making possible to download a whole set at once.
13 -


Open source, PHP/MYSQL based software for binary newsgroup indexing and NZB file creation. Also includes a search engine.
14 -


Open source Perl module for mail to news and news to mail gatewaying, robomoderation, and human moderation support.
15 -


Open source program for retrieving news from one or more sources, formatting it appropriately, and delivering it to one or more destinations as regular electronic mail messages. For Unix and Unix-like operating systems.
16 -


Open source Usenet indexing web application with community features.
17 -

Sick Beard

Open source personal video recorder for newsgroup users with limited torrent support. Includes documentation.
18 -


Offers a freeware application that allows users to search and download files from Usenet.
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