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Usenet, or Netnews, is a world-wide distributed discussion system. Traditional access to newsgroups, or discussion fora, requires newsreader software and access to a newsserver. Many ISPs provide access to a newsserver as part of their service package. Most Usenet servers are (properly) configured to only allow connections from recognized users. This category lists sites that contain directories of public news servers. Servers listed in this category allow anyone to access them. All servers listed in this category allow anyone to read articles. Some of the servers allow you to post messages.- Category ID : 61800
1 -

A private project providing free access to text-only newsgroups. Registration required.
2 -

Open News Network

A network both in the technological and in the social sense. It aims to provide open, non commercial access to text based Usenet.
3 -

Eternal September

A private project providing free access to text-only newsgroups. SSL encryption and a web gateway based on the open source NewsPortal software, as well as UUCP batches on demand are offered.
4 -

Specialized Public NNTP News Servers

A list of company-operated and deliberately open Usenet news servers.
5 -


Searchable, sorted list of open news servers.
6 -

Permanently Updated List of Interesting News Servers

List of public servers maintained by Henning Weede, moderator in the German de.* hierarchy.
7 - Usenet

Provides public access to local, Danish, and some international newsgroups, and closed access to Aalborg University campus newsgroups.
8 - Public News server

A public news server which allows the users to post 25 messages per day from every IP without authentication. This is a text only server.
9 -

Links and FAQ about Open Nntp Servers

A document covering various aspects of open news servers, including a list of available ones. Maintained by Sebastien Willemijns.
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