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Usenet, or Netnews, is a world-wide distributed discussion system. Each discussion forum is called a "newsgroup". This category lists web pages for individual newsgroups.- Category ID : 61795
1 -

A newsgroup for discussing all aspects of wedding planning. The FAQ addresses these issues and also proper etiquette in this newsgroup.
2 -

Newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Most discussions in the newsgroup center on the creation/evolution controversy, but other topics include geology, catastrophism or cosmology.
3 -


Offers Frequently Asked Questions, database, message board, and a directory of regional links.
4 -

Official website of the newsgroup. Articles by and about the adult film industry from rec.arts.movies.erotica.
5 -


Provides a repository of FAQs, posts, lists, help files and recommendations relating to the newsgroup as well as a set of links to sites and resources on poetry and writing in general.
6 -

Gives additional information that cannot be told within the frequently published charter and presents guidelines on how to make postings, along with hints on how to get access to the newsgroup.
7 -


General introduction to the newsgroup and its history, administrative notes, submission guidelines and archives.
8 -


Archives of forum, with categories for groups, troubleshooting, tutorials, professional, societies, listservers, journals, companies, supplies and services, maintained at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta.
9 -


Presentation of moderated German job advertisement newsgroups. Translated charters, list of typical mistakes to avoid when participating.
10 -


The FAQ and charter of the newsgroup dedicated to Malta and the Maltese.
11 -


Information on moderated newsgroup on the Kennedy assassination, including Charter and multiple ways of accessing the group.
12 -

Posting Guidelines and the charter of this moderated newsgroup for informational posts and announcements about any roguelike game, including (but not limited to) Rogue, Nethack, Moria, Angband, and Adom.
13 -


History and presentation of the newsgroup dedicated to discussing "The Simpsons" television program.
14 -


Presentation of the history of this group dedicated to the dissection and flaming of signature files used in other groups. It has had its heyday during the early and mid-1990s but currently it can no longer be considered active.
15 - Home Page

Facts and trivia; as well as links to articles covering Beatles history, discussion, and analysis. Also includes FAQs.
16 -


Presentation of this moderated, binaries-only newsgroup for the dissemination and distribution of binaries for and related to the Commodore 8-bit computers. Includes a FAQ section as well as the list recently posted articles.
17 -


Presentation of the newsgroup for discussing all aspects of observing wild birds in the United Kingdom. Includes the FAQ.
18 -


Briefly explains the creation of the newsgroup and includes a copy of its announcement and its charter.
19 -

The comp.compilers Newsgroup

Home page of newsgroup. Searchable archives beginning from 1986, search, file archive, RSS feed.
20 -


Presentation of this newsgroup and other similar ones like alt.swedish.chef.bork.bork.bork that were formed with the playful spirit of requiring all posts to have every line in the form alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb.
21 -


Includes an unofficial FAQ for the newsgroup and an archive of interesting articles until 2001.
22 - (moderated)

The Internet Oracle (aka The Usenet Oracle) is a collective effort at humor by the denizens of the internet. Questions mailed to the Oracle are forwarded to other Oracle users, who then serve as an "incarnation" of the Oracle.
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